Creamy Garlic Dressing with Cilantro

Since the days I worked in catering when I mixed up huge vats of ranch dressing, I’ve been making my own at home. A little buttermilk, mayo, and a few herbs and seasonings are all it takes. Recently I was out of parsley, so I experimented and created something new. It was pizza night, after all. And we love ranch dressing with pizza. The kids didn’t balk at the new flavor. In fact, it was widely accepted, thus, making it a new addition to our repertoire.

Making your own salad dressing is a great money saver! And it tastes better, too. For more money saving ideas, visit Frugal Friday.

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  1. How long does this dressing stay good in the fridge?

  2. I thought you can’t use buttermilk or mayonaise on the whole 30 program?

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