5-Ingredient Pizza

5 Ingredient Pizza - Make pizza night easier and quicker than a run for takeout with this five-ingredient recipe.

Make pizza night easier and quicker than a run for takeout with this five-ingredient recipe. We have pizza about once a week. It’s one of our family’s favorite “fun foods” and a great way for us to enter the weekend. While I usually make the pizza dough from scratch, there are some days when I […]

5 Great Pizzas to Make Yourself

5 Great Pizzas to Make Yourself | Good Cheap Eats

I’m having such a great time with this DIY Convenience series. Not only do I have a great excuse to create some new “homemade” recipes, but I also feel motivated to peruse classic favorites as well as see how far we’ve come in our step back from processed foods. Homemade Pizza ranks high at the […]

Pizza Margherita

Margherita Pizza Good Cheap Eats

The classic Margherita pizza is easy to prepare and a delicious meatless main dish. Friday night is our typical pizza night. Homemade pizza. It’s taken a few years to get it just right. But, we’re getting there. Five kids prefer pepperoni. One wants just cheese. The adventurous one of the group will try the other […]

Kale and Mushroom Pizza

Kale Pizza with Mushrooms

This meatless pizza is super tasty and nutritious with kale and mushrooms. Friday is our family’s pizza night. We’re now up to a DOUBLE BATCH of dough. And I only have one teenager so far! I see a lot more salads in our future. The crowd typically chooses pepperoni, olive, and cheese, or a combination […]

Last-Minute Pizza Sauce

large pizza

Homemade pizza sauce comes together in a pinch with ingredients you can easily keep on hand all the time. Years ago I was under the misunderstanding that you had to have pizza sauce to make pizza. In fact, so dire was my confusion that if I didn’t have a jar of pizza sauce on hand […]

My Big Fat Greek Pizza

Greek flavors like feta and spinach combine with mushrooms for a fabulous taste treat. I think if it weren’t for steak, I could easily become a vegetarian. I almost always choose a meatless item at a restaurant. And my meals at home certainly drift that way. Especially when it comes to pizza. This pizza, redolent […]

Build a Better Pizza (Recipe: Basil Chicken Pizza with Fresh Avocado)

Whole grain crust, pesto, sauteed onions and peppers, chicken, and a measured amount of cheese form a solid pizza base. Avocado and fresh tomato finish it off in this “better pizza”. One of my children requests Costco pizza on a weekly basis. And on a weekly basis, I say no. Though it’s been our “go-to” […]

Make Your Own Pan Pizza

pan pizza

Celebrate the weekend with your own pan pizza! I’ve eaten many tasty pizzas in my time. My favorite style, to date, is probably the pan pizza. It wasn’t until this summer that I tried my hand at making pan pizza at home. (Tina inspired me.) I have no idea why it took me so long! […]

Mushroom and Goat Cheese Pizza with Bacon and Leeks

Mushroom Goat Cheese sm

I am a huge pizza fan. A huge pizza with mushrooms fan. Recently, I threw a pizza party and invited mushrooms, goat cheese, bacon, and leeks to the party. So amazingly good. What’s not to love? Hop on over to the Mushroom Channel for the recipe. You’re going to want to make it this weekend. […]

Try Mini Pizzas for a Fun and Easy Pizza Night

mini pizzas for fun pizza night

Mini pizzas make for a fun and easy pizza night. Make a big batch for freezing and cold-pizza breakfast, too. We are big pizza lovers at our house. It seems like my kids are asking for pizza at least twice a week. Recently, I’ve been switching things up: creating new pizza toppings, playing with new […]