Soups for the Freezer (& Share Your Freezer Cooking Results)

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How to Make Soup for the Freezer

Years ago I remember reading that you shouldn’t spend time freezing soups. The rationale was that soups are mostly water, easy to prepare, and would take up valuable freezer space. And for many years, I believed the lie.

But, this past winter, I’ve come to realize the true potential in bulk cooking several kinds of soups and freezing them in 2 cup and dinner-size portions. The benefits are numerous. Let me count the ways.

I get my way.

I get to enjoy the soups that no one else likes! I don’t have to force feed it to anyone or make a smaller batch. I just cook like regular and divide it into 2-cup portions.

Everyone gets his way.

Every kid gets his choice of soup. When I make three kinds of soup in one cooking session, that means that three kinds of soup will be stored in the freezer. Everybody can be happy! Well, that is, if I make the kinds they like.

Meals are quick.

Lunchtime can come together in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t take long to thaw soup in the microwave or by placing the container in cold water. Add toast or crackers and the meal is served.

Meals are healthier.

Not only can I get my kids to eat more vegetables in soup, but I can also control the salt intake because we’re eating homemade soups instead of canned.

Soup is good food.

It’s comfort food, especially when you’re under the weather. And who wants to cook when you’re sick?

How to Make Soup for the Freezer

Preparing soup from scratch is not difficult. You can easily whip up a batch from last night’s leftovers. And I am following this trick with our little bits of leftovers to nickel and dime our way to a nice pot of soup. But, it’s not hard to make several batches of soup at once to freezer for later.

Tips for Making Soup for the Freezer

Stock up on the right containers. I prefer reusable plastic containers with lids. I’ve tried wide mouth, quart size canning jars with plastic lids, but it you don’t thaw ahead of time, it is difficult to get the soup out. With plastic, the little cube of soup pops right out for stovetop or microwave reheating.

Use common ingredients. One of the biggest time saving techniques in freezer cooking is to use common ingredients. Since soups often share many vegetables and broths in common, you can easily prep a lot of these ingredients and combine them in different ways for variety.

Get all your maids a cooking. I own two stockpots. But, I also have several crockpots. I could potentially have four different kinds of soup cooking at one time.

Choose a variety of soups to please everyone. If you’re making three or four batches of soup at one time, make at least one kind that will please the picky eater in your crowd. This will serve you in many ways, especially on the night when he really doesn’t like what everyone else is eating. Pull out a container of soup so that he won’t starve.

Go light on the garlic and spices. Flavors can intensify in the freezer. Use a light hand in the preparation and adjust the seasonings on the serving end.

Buy or borrow a stick blender. A friend told me how wonderful it was to use in soups. I was a skeptic. But, now I’m a believer. I bought this one and am amazed at how easy it is to use. In the past, I’ve always blended soups in batches in the food processor. What a hassle and mess. This gadget is fantastic — and stores in a drawer out of sight.

How to Make Soup for the Freezer

My Freezer Cooking this Past Month

In case you hadn’t guessed by now, my freezer is full of delicious soups. I’ve had so much fun developing and testing some great soups.

Here are some soups that work well for freezing:

What did YOU cook this month?

Share your freezer cooking adventure with us. Link up a post below or share your results in the comments.

Curious about freezer cooking? Consider purchasing my cookbook, Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local bookstore. It’s chock full with over 200 freezer-friendly recipes, planning pages, shopping lists, cooking plans, and basic and advanced how-to’s to making freezer cooking work for any home, family, and lifestyle.

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  1. karen says

    I love my immersion blender! I didn’t think I would use it that much–but it is awesome. Soup, smoothies, salad dressing, mayo, whipped cream, butter if you don’t pay enough attention to your whipped cream…I really have a bit of blender obsession.

  2. Frozen soups, stews, sauces and just about anything really are my savior in the winter. Long hours at work mean that sometimes I don’t have time to cook. When you can take out something and heat up a hearty, home-cooked meal in a few minutes, it really makes a difference!

    Even though I’m not a mother yet, I really appreciate the insightfulness of your blog and I enjoy reading everything you put on here. Hopefully it will sink into my head by the time I have kids.

    Thanks for being fabulous,


    • Jessica Fisher says

      Thanks for being fabulous

      Thanks for making my day! LOL

  3. Eckert S says

    I tried potstickers and your orange cranberry granola, and we loved them both! I researched several potsticker recipes and came up with my own adaptation using broccoli slaw, fresh ginger, garlic and green onions with pork sausauge. (Note to self, 60 wontons skins come in each package, so next time I won’t buy so many packs, and I’ll add the veggies after I’ve “overworked” the pork) I’m thrilled with adding both of those recipes to my freezer stash.

  4. Lisa says

    I was wondering if you ever gave the potato soup a shot. I commented on a post a long time ago – not offended if you don’t remember 🙂 with a recipe for a Bennigans copy cat. I was just wondering if it worked for you. I love having it around for easy cooking nights.

    I am attempting to can a few soups this canning season to free up some freezer space but I have veggie soups, beef stew/soups and chicken noodle in my freezer at the moment.

  5. I so agree! For me, having a freezer full of soup is such a comfort! One of my favourites to freeze is my Apple Squash soup – just add the cream/milk in after you reheat it from frozen.
    Hope your readers enjoy this recipe as much as I do!

  6. Amy says

    I have frozen my butternut squash bisque. No one in the family eats it but me, so I make a huge batch and eat it all winter long.

  7. Dina says

    In the beginning of this past December we had a Soup for the freezer play date. 6 ladies responded and we each had to make one kind of soup but we had to make enough soup for each family to take home 4 cups (prepackaged before the play date) and then a pot to taste at the play date. Also recipes typed & printed for everyone.
    It was so much fun and our freezers were stocked with yummy stuff. I use those recipes all the time.

  8. MMM I just made the cheddar soup last night. I just happened to have all the ingredients on hand! Do you know…what happens if you sub plain old water for chicken broth? Do you need to add some sort of spices or salt to balance it out, or will it do as is (or not)? We don’t always have chicken broth on hand and it seems like a lot of non-chili soups call for it. Thanks!

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