A Month of Freezer-Friendly Meal Plans

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Do your future self a favor and fill the freezer with a few extra meals to please the family and buy you some time. This Month of Freezer-Friendly Meal Plans will set you up right.

A Month of Freezer-Friendly Meal Plans by Jessica Fisher

Over 20 years ago I was listening to a radio program — remember radio? — and I heard about this thing called Once a Month Cooking. I was intrigued. I loved cooking, though I loved eating even more, but I found that as a busy high school teacher, it was getting harder and harder to make dinner each night. I was just too exhausted.

Turns out OAMC, as it came to be called, was a God-send. Not only did I get a homemade dinner on the table, but I had reserves in the freezer as well as a little energy left in the day. I was still behind on grading papers, doing laundry, answering phone calls, and everything else under the sun, but I was AHEAD when it came to making dinner.

And being AHEAD in one area of life made a huge difference. It still does.

Over time, our family has grown, my cooking skills have expanded, and I’ve developed my own recipes for the freezer. While I no longer do all my cooking in one day, I still practice freezer cooking. Only now, I double or triple dinner for one of the quickest ways to stock my freezer.

Cooking freezer-friendly meals has been one of the biggest boons to my kitchen, my budget, and my dinner table. And I want it to work for you, too.

That’s why I’m super excited to present to you this month’s meal plan, available in the FishMama shop.

A Month of Freezer-Friendly Meal Plans by Jessica Fisher

A Month of Freezer-Friendly Meal Plans

This meal plan has all the great things the other Month of Meals include:

  • 30 main dish recipes that suit a family’s lifestyle and budget
  • 4 weekly meal plans and grocery lists
  • 1 monthly grocery list so you can shop the sales and stock your pantry well, knowing you’ll use it all up
  • prep lists and make-ahead checklists
  • super simple dessert ideas
  • quick and easy appetizer suggestions

but, it’s got one big bonus.

All the recipes in this meal plan are designed to be freezer-friendly!

A Month of Freezer-Friendly Meal Plans by Jessica Fisher

But, you don’t have to cook all day to make these meals happen. Unlike a once-a-month cooking plan when you might cook for an entire day or two, this meal plan is set up differently.

You can cook each meal just like you would on a normal evening OR you can double or triple a recipe and stash the extras away for later. Do this a few times a week and you will quickly build a treasure trove of frozen assets. This is one of the best ways I know of filling the freezer without wearing yourself out.

Click the images to see the recipes included in the meal plan.

A Month of Freezer-Friendly Meal Plans by Jessica FisherA Month of Freezer-Friendly Meal Plans by Jessica Fisher

A Month of Freezer-Friendly Meal Plans is only available during the month of December. On January 1, it goes bye-bye. If you’re interested in adding this to your clever bag of mom tricks, do it now. Because trust me, the month will be gone in a flash.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss this meal plan!

A Month of Freezer-Friendly Meal Plans by Jessica Fisher

P.S. A Month of Fall Favorite Meal Plans is available through November 30, 2016. If you didn’t already, snatch it up now.

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