Easy $5 Cookie Gifts

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As someone who loves to bake, I love to give (and get) gifts of food. For me, food gift wrapping is always the challenge. Sometimes the cute tin costs more than the contents of the packaging!

Recently, a walk through Walmart resulted in the purchase of the magazine, Better Homes and Gardens Food Gifts. I am a big fan of BH&G’s “special interest publications.” There is always something super helpful in that collection, and this magazine was true to form.

Not only does it list tons of recipes for giving, but it also shows you how to package them in a pretty way.

So, I loved it when I saw their feature on using recyclables to wrap your gifts. I remember years ago when friends saved all their Trader Joe’s coffee tins for months and then filled them with cookies and wrapped them as gifts. (Thanks again, Megan and Marty!)

If you can’t get a hold of the magazine, you can see some of the BH&G ideas in this slideshow.

Seeing as I had a ton of plastic containers, I set out to make my own prettier-than-your-average cookies-in-a-ziploc-bag food gifts. I didn’t go to the great lengths that BH&G did, but that was okay. I enjoyed being inspired.

I had batches of Lemon Ginger Bars, Easy Eagle Brand Fudge, and Farm-Style Oatmeal Cookies waiting in the freezer and the makings of Double Chocolate Magic Bars in the pantry. So, I layered, I bundled, I stacked. And then I tied and taped.

  • I stacked the Lemon Ginger Bars between sheets of waxed paper in a plastic box and tied on a white ribbon and ornament.
  • Each piece of fudge was nestled in a mini cupcake paper and then arranged in a plastic tomato box. Add a card, ornament, and red ribbon.
  • Fill an empty pretzel jar with waxed paper and oatmeal cookies. Tie on a bow and ornament.
  • Place the ingredients for Double Chocolate Magic Bars in a paper sack, include the recipe and add a bow and ornament.

Easy peasy!

Seeing as the packaging was free and I already had the ribbon, I really only paid for the cost of the magazine, the baking stuff, and the package of Christmas tree ornaments. The baking supplies easily cost less than $15, so combined with the cost of the magazine, these four gifts ended up being less than $5 each. If I were going to make gifts in greater number, I could easily reduce my costs even more since I still have leftover supplies.

What tricks do YOU use for inexpensive food gifts?

Disclosure: Walmart provided me with a $20 gift card in order to see how far I could stretch it. My opinions are my own.

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  1. Great ideas!! I think I know what’s going to be added to my WalMart list for this week 😉

    We have a ton of blueberry contatiners left – I’ll use those for fudge!

  2. I try to find recipes that make a BIG batch of something so I can get the most out of my efforts. Yesterday I made 3 different chocolate barks (white choc/peppermint, milk choc/toffee and dark choc/pretzel) and split it up 6 ways to give to coworkers. I also made some fabulous caramel (my best ever! no broken teeth!) but, sadly, the wax paper stuck to the bottom and I haven’t been able to peel it off. 🙁
    Last year I made peanut clusters in the slow cooker and it made a TON- those went to several teachers at my son’s daycare and didn’t break the bank. I got the original recipe at:

    I haven’t decided if I’m making them again this year because I’ve lost some weight and don’t want the temptation of these yummy, easy pieces of joy sitting around my house very long!!

    Also- I scour dollar stores for cute, cheap containers and try to repurpose/reuse things from home whenever possible. I stick with plain foil or plastic wrap and don’t bother with Christmas themed “tossables” as I think they are expensive and wasteful.

  3. i love the clear containers because they let the beauty of the baked goodies shine through!

  4. I liked the BH&G so much I (accidentally) bought it twice — so a sweet friend I know will use it will be getting it as a surprise gift. Little close to Christmas but she can be prepared next year.

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