Grill Recipes to Write Home About

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We love to serve grilled foods. All year round we can be found “firing up the barby” at our house. Even when we lived where weather truly happened, we would “cook out” whenever we could. We even tried in the middle of a snow storm. That doesn’t quite work.

Some of our favorite grilling recipes include:

I generally just pair the grilled meat or chicken with a starch like potatoes or rice and add a big salad on the side. Delish!

Over at LifeasMOM today, we’re sharing grilling recipes. Pop over and tell us what you like to cook out.

Do you grill year round or is it a summertime thing?

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  1. No matter the weather, we ALWAYS grill steak for our Christmas Dinner 🙂

    But most of the time, grilling is more of a summer time activity

  2. We generally grill year round. The winters here in MS are much milder than the midwestern cold we are used to. The chicken on this post looks delicious! I have a confession to make though. I’m a terrible griller, but with these tasty recipes I am getting better. I think it is more a problem of attention than anything else. With little ones running around and food cooking in the house, I tend to burn things. Oh well, keep practicing, right?

  3. We actually grill much more in the Spring & Fall seasons. In the summer, our temperatures average about 95-105 daily so its often too hot to grill…unfortunately 🙁

  4. We grill year round too. Except January… then I think our grilling is minimal! The crockpot gets a workout then. 😉

    Hubby has earned the nickname “The Grill Master” for grilling his burgers at family gatherings. We also love chicken & steak on the grill. In fact, the only way we eat burgers or steaks is cooked on the grill.

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