Milk and Honey Cornbread

Milk and Honey Cornbread - Bake up a batch of this Milk and Honey Cornbread. It

Bake up a batch of this Milk and Honey Cornbread. It’s lightly sweetened and delicious for breakfast or the bread basket. A few weeks/months ago I found some Bob’s Red Mill Corn Flour on clearance at Sprouts. If I’ve ever purchased corn flour, it was many, many moons ago. I have no recollection of it. […]

Honey-Sweetened Raisin Bread in the Bread Machine

Honey-Sweetened Raisin Bread in the Bread Machine

Disclosure: If you make a purchase through the affiliate links in this post, I do receive a small percentage of the sale in advertising fees. Your price is not affected, but the purchase through these links helps to support this site. Thank you! As you know by now, we’re working to eliminate “added sugars” this […]

Make Dinner Special with Homemade Bread

Make dinner special with one of these savory bread recipes | Good Cheap Eats - a round up of good and cheap bread and roll recipes.

Add a little something special to your evening meal by making your own savory bread. It’s much tastier than store-bought and cheaper too. Homemade bread is one of life’s simple pleasures. Flour, water, yeast, salt, a bit of oil or butter, maybe some sugar or honey: these things combine into tasty, aromatic bread. It’s science, […]

Italian Sandwich Rolls

Italian Rolls

A five-pound bag of flour costs $2.99 at Trader Joe’s. It’s unbleached, all-purpose. If I want to take my baking up a notch, I can buy the white whole wheat flour for $3.99. This, my friends, plus a little oil, water, and yeast, can bring you many meals of utter enjoyment. Of course there’s pizza, […]

Cinnamon Toast Croutons

Cinnamon Toast Croutons - Cinnamon Toast is a comfort, isn

Cinnamon Toast is a comfort, isn’t it? Make snacking croutons with dry bread for a good cheap eat. At the beginning of the Pantry Challenge, I cleaned out the freezers and inventoried what we had. That amounted to quite a few heels from sandwich bread. Those are generally the last pieces to be eaten around […]

Whole Wheat Cranberry Rolls

Whole Wheat Cranberry Rolls | Good Cheap Eats

There’s nothing to get you ready for a holiday like making the meal three and a half weeks in advance. Just call me Martha for baking a full turkey dinner while there are still bags of Halloween candy stashed all over my house. But, you see, unlike Martha, preparing a turkey dinner gets me all […]

Maple-Brown Sugar Cinnamon Rolls

Maple Brown Sugar Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls are something that you can make yourself. They may seem intimidating, but they really aren’t. I have very fond memories of the cinnamon rolls of my childhood. The best ones were those that my Aunt Sandy made when she worked the kitchen at the Monroe Cafe. Those were pretty amazing. The cinnamon rolls […]

Homemade White Whole Wheat Sub Rolls

Homemade White Whole Wheat Sub Rolls | Good Cheap Eats

Enjoy fresh-baked sub rolls, enriched with white whole wheat flour. Better than a five-dollar footlong. On the record: I love the five dollar footlong. I love the Capriotti’s Cheesesteak Sandwich with Provolone. I love all sub sandwiches in general. But, ┬áto feed my family such tasty fare, costs about $20 at the minimum. Capriotti’s would […]

Make Vanilla Almond French Toast (in the Panini Press)

Panini press french toast

French toast is a good cheap eat, making use of dry bread that might otherwise go to waste. Make the process of making it easier by cooking it in the panini press. Earlier this year, I shared a long list of small kitchen appliances that I love. Somehow, I overlooked the humble panini press. I’m […]

Wholesome Energy Bars

toasted energy bars

Bake up a batch of these energy bars, full of whole grains, seeds, and dried fruit. They are a great way to start your morning. Years ago I worked as a server for a small Santa Barbara restaurant group. Brigitte and Norbert owned Brigitte’s, Brigitte’s Bakery, and Cafe B. I was fresh out of college, […]