Pumpkin Onion Rolls

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I love my bread machine. I really do. Did I ever tell you my bread machine story?

We lived in Paso on two acres. We had two little people with a third on the way. And that, in itself, was amazing. All my friends had those Bosch mixers to knead bread. I borrowed one and realized it was too much for my brain to handle. So, I told my husband to buy me a bread machine for Christmas.

Yes, told.

My bad. I’ve done that at least twice. And still feel bad about telling him what to get me. Anyway, not only did he buy me the bread machine AND several boxed mixes in case I didn’t have what I needed to bake that morning, but he also included a pair of diamond/pearl earrings in the bread pan.

True story. Not lying. Husband of the year. Totally.

If you’ve got a bread machine, with or without the diamond/pearl earrings, you can make these rolls — and bake your sweet hubby happy. And if you don’t yet have that machine of wonder, I’ve included how to make these by hand.

These will be beautiful in your bread basket.

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  1. Thank you for hosting. I shared the compound butter I rub on and under the turkey skin. It helps to make a yummy gravy too.

  2. Another pumpking recipe! I will totally have to try this. Sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. LizAndrsn says

    I love my bread machine, too. Thanks you for another recipe — I can’t wait to try it on Friday with leftovers!

  4. Pamela J says

    Just curious… are these sweet or savory? They look wonderful and a great way to “sneak” in some veggies. I will miss this series for the next month!

    • Jessica says

      @Pamela J, thanks for your kind words.

      These are more savory than sweet.

  5. I’ve tasted some onion rolls before and it was delicious! I would want to try and taste this pumpkin onion rolls. Will you still be hosting WOYP next year?

    • Jessica says

      @Sheila, I’m not sure yet. It hasn’t turned out exactly as I intended, so I’m still thinking. I’ll let you know!

      • Awww! I hope you will continue it. I linked up to it a couple of times before and would want to continue doing so because I want to be motivated in learning new recipes and cooking food for my family from scratch (or at least a majority of it) instead of eating all-processed foods. But I know you have good reasons if ever you decide to stop. I will still be checking out your blog to try some of your recipes. Godspeed!

  6. Fedora says

    I love my bread machine and look forward to trying these. I keep pumpkin in the RV (I RV full-time) for when the dogs (2 Giant Schnauzers) get upset tummies. So I’m always glad to see new ways of using pumpkin.

  7. KimH says

    What a sweet hubby… 🙂

  8. Erica says

    Does this recipe work using a mixer instead of a bread machine? I used to have one, but gave it up years ago and am hesitant to buy another appliance that will sit on my kitchen counter!!

    • Jessica says

      Yes, just mix the dough as you would in a mixer.

  9. Christopher says

    Can you make these without a bread machine? Also, how far in advance could you make them and/or how would you freeze them?

    • Yes, I made them without a bread machine last week. Warm the buttermilk and add the sugar and yeast. Allow to proof for five minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir until a thick dough is formed. Turn it onto a floured surface and knead until smooth. Place in a greased bowl until doubled in bulk. I used my stand mixer for this because I don’t like sticky hands.

      I baked and froze them last week. I’ll be thawing at room temperature and warming them in the oven next week for Thanksgiving. You could bake them a day in advance if you don’t want to freeze them.

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