Wraps (More Lunchbox Ideas)

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Wraps are a great way to enjoy lunch. They can be low or no-carbs, packed with veggies (or not) and super delicious to eat on the go.

Wraps - More Lunchbox Ideas from Life as Mom

In the old days a school lunch held one of a limited range of sandwiches: PB&J, bologna, American cheese, and maybe tuna or egg salad. At least those were the only ones I saw being pulled from lunch boxes at Rosedell Elementary.

My mom went against the grain and packed my tuna salad in a pita pocket with sprouts. It was totally weird — but I loved it.

Times have changed, particularly when it comes to sandwiches. Not only can children enjoy dozens of different cold cuts, cheeses, salads, and spreads, but they don’t even need bread!

Lunch Box Ideas: Wraps

The bread-less sandwich is, of course, the wrap. And it can get pretty delicious.

Check out these wraps for fun new options to pack for school, work, or play:

Wraps - More Lunchbox Ideas from Life as Mom

Traditional Tortilla Wraps

Take a large tortilla and fill it with your favorite sandwich fillings, and wrap it up, like a burrito. Folks pay big bucks for these sandwiches at restaurants and cafes, but how easy to make them yourself! This Super Secret Sub is one of my favorites.

Wraps - More Lunchbox Ideas from Life as Mom

Pinwheel Wraps

Layer your favorite spread and fillings on a large tortilla and roll it up, jell-roll style. (The sticky spread helps hold it all together.) Slice across the wrap for small pinwheels that are a fun surprise in the lunch box.

Wraps - More Lunchbox Ideas from Life as Mom

Summer Roll Wraps

These are some of our family’s favorite! Moisten rice paper rounds with warm water. Fill with vegetables, rice noodles, and cooked meats. Roll up like a cigar and place in the lunchbox. Two or three wraps is probably good for a good eater. Cover the wraps with a damp paper towel to keep them from drying out.

Wraps - More Lunchbox Ideas from Life as Mom

Lettuce Wraps

Pack large lettuce leaves or Napa cabbage leaves alongside your favorite chicken, egg, or tuna salad. Or pack a hot filling like this Asian-style Turkey Filling in a thermos. Fill and eat as you go.

Wraps are a fun and creative way to pack a lunch box. Excuse me while I go make some more.

What’s YOUR favorite kind of wrap?

PS. Looking for other Lunchbox Ideas? Last month I shared packable salads love.

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  1. Coincidence! My meal plan for the week on my blog asked everyone for lunch-box ideas! Thanks for the wrap brainstorm! Plus- I love just seeing how nice packed lunches look for other people because mine just look like a frazzled mom’s makings~

  2. Crystal says

    These look great, thanks for sharing!

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