Freezer-Friendly Recipes

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My deep freeze is one of my very best friends. As I expand my recipe horizons and play with more of our favorite dishes, freezer cooking has become more and more a way of life at our house.

Our family’s life is super busy and it would seem that every minute is accounted for. And while I love to cook, I often find that meal times are so much more pleasant if I’ve done some — or all — of the work ahead of time.

Freezer Smoothies

Efficient Freezer Cooking

If you haven’t jumped on the freezer cooking bandwagon, now is the time. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend days in the kitchen to create a month’s worth of meals. I’ve experimented with being even more efficient in the kitchen. I’ve found that I can create a lot of food in three hours’ time. And when you’re feeding a small army of 8, that’s saying something.

As Back to School approaches for the FishFam, I’m trying to get more organized, and the area where I need mealtime help the most is breakfast. My kids wake up famished. And as I examine our school load for the new year, I realize I’m going to have to hit the ground running. No more lazy daze of summer for this mama!

Generally, when people think of freezer cooking, they don’t usually think about breakfasts. But, in reality, breakfast is actually quite easy to prepare for the freezer.

Chocolate Butterhorns

This weekend, I’m going to rustle up some breakfast. And it’s my hope to do it in three hours or less.

Freezer-Friendly Breakfasts

Have you got some favorite freezer-friendly recipes?

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  1. We’ve been harvesting, canning and preserving all week long! Hope you enjoy the tutorial on freezing corn!

  2. I just did a massive freezer cooking day with ground turkey! The pizza roll ups I just posted are perfect for freezing. I make double batches and throw them into the freezer for lunches or a quick and easy dinner!

    I am hosting Blogger Secret Ingredient BSI this week if you have any ground turkey recipes to enter. More info on my blog, thanks again for hosting each week.

    • cwaltz says

      @Debbi Does Dinner Healthy,


      I keep getting sent back to this page with the link you posted. I went ahead found your recipe using a browser but you might want to look at the link you posted.

  3. I love having a “stock” of punch base in the freezer for sunday school socials, parties, or just for a summer refreshment so that’s what I’m linking up to the linky party! enjoy!

  4. Alea says

    We usually do “once a week” breakfast cooking. Usually on Saturday morning my husband and I make a couple of breakfast items that can be put in the freezer. His specialty is pancakes and waffles, mine is muffins. It sure makes Sun. – Fri. easier on me!

  5. I am making Ree Drummond’s (aka: The Pioneer Woman) ‘make-Ahead-Muffin-Melts’ in bulk and will flash freeze them, then seal-a-meal each one, so my minions will have a yummy breakfast melt before school whenevr they want them.

    This was such an easy recipe to make in bulk….love it!

  6. Hey sweets! I didn’t even know about your linky for today until I stumbled across Melody, from Breastfeeding Mom’s Unite’s Crunchy moms blog carnival list! I adore freezer recipes and whenever I cook ANYTHING that takes longer than 20 minutes, I make sure I double the recipe to freeze in a serving. Sometimes I use ziplocs and sometimes I will use a mason jar but not fill it all the way and leave the lid cracked until it freezes solid. Today I am linking a recipe that freezes very well! It is a mark bittman recipe for Bolognese meat sauce that everyone adored! I made it with grassfed meat and raw dairy and it was even better a few days later! 🙂 thanks for sharing your space with us! Alex@amoderatelife~

  7. We had something yummy from the freezer tonight and I’ve added a link to the recipe above, Cream of Yam, Bacon, and Leek Soup 🙂 I’m excited to see all the recipes linking up!

  8. This school year will be a different schedule for us since my dd#1 has preschool that starts at 8:30. She is not a morning person and just getting her up to start her day in the summer has been challenging. I was concerned about breakfast, because she tends to want to blow it off. You’ve inspired me to make some freezer breakfast meals for her. That will take some of the pressure off of me.

    Thanks for the tip and the carnival. I included one of our favorite muffins, butternut squash and cranberry, that are very freezer friendly.

  9. I’ve made instant oatmeal packets before too, and though they take up a decent chunk of time are so worth it. The oatmeal tastes so much better than store bought and my kids love it!

  10. Thanks for sharing your freezer cooking recipes and for hosting Ultimate Recipe Swap.

  11. Coley says

    I love URS day! And more freezer ideas couldn’t have come at a better time, we are also trying to get ahead of the game before school starts.

  12. I can’t tell you how happy I am for this linky. I’ve been bored with my recipes lately and was stumped on what to do for this months freezer cooking. My only thought for this month has been refried beans. That will make a lot of meals 🙂


  13. Malisa P. says

    I was wondering if you have a special freezer for all of your frozen meals? Thank you!

  14. I agree completely. Many many breakfast are super easy to freeze. And it definitely makes meal prep through my morning fog much easier to cope with.

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