Homemade Hot Dog Buns

cloth lined basket with hot dog buns

Hot dogs never tasted so good! Make this homemade hot dog buns recipe to enjoy a better bun and a better dinner all the way around. You’ve got hot dogs, but no buns. You could go to the store. You could do that weird thing with hamburger buns that your dad did when you were […]

Basic Homemade Pizza with a Dough You Make Yourself

You can make homemade pizza easily and economically. You’ll save a ton of money and eat better pizza. Guaranteed. If you’ve ever paid too much for a pizza or found yourself without pizza on a Friday due to cost or unavailability, well, today’s the day to discover pizza freedom. Pizza Freedom. You can make pizza […]

Classic Oatmeal Raisin Cookies that Don’t Need Eggs

stack of four cookies on plate

Enjoy Classic Oatmeal Raisin Cookies that mix up quickly, don’t need any eggs, and disappear in a flash! This cookie recipe, which can also be made vegan, will be a hit with everyone at your table. Cookies are ultimate comfort food. A lot of things are, actually. Mac and cheese. Mashed potatoes. Chicken Pot Pie.  […]

Mixed Berry Pie with Cinnamon and Lemon

slice of berry pie on plate with whipped topping

A trio of berries in the filling and cinnamon and lemon zest in the crust make for a practically perfect Mixed Berry Pie. If you’re a pie lover, chances are you have a favorite pie. Or three. That’s how we roll, we lovers of pie. It’s so hard to choose. I know this because I […]

Overnight Egg Bake with Bacon and Cheddar

plate of egg bake and salad

Making this Overnight Egg Bake is a great way to feed a crowd early in the morning for breakfast or to serve as lunch when paired with a salad. It also makes for an ideal dish to take to brunch get-togethers.  Somedays you’ve got time to prep a meal right before you want to eat […]

Chicken and Wild Rice Bake

dinner plate with chicken and rice

Dinner comes together quickly and easily with this one-dish dinner of chicken, vegetables, and rice. Your family will gobble down this Chicken and Wild Rice Bake. Don’t you just love being able to throw ingredients in a pan, slide it in the oven and walk away? There are so many other things you’d rather do […]

Quick & Easy Cauliflower Fried Rice

plate of cauliflower fried rice and chow mein

Pull together a quick and easy dish of Cauliflower Fried Rice in just minutes. Made with just a handful of kitchen staples, this meal is delicious and packed with veggies. You ever have one of those days when you really don’t want to cook? You want something easy and quick. And you don’t want to […]

Chihuahua Beer Chili Recipe

bowl of chili with toppings and fritos

This easy Chihuahua Beer Chili comes together quickly on the stove or in a slow cooker. Flavorful from enchilada sauce, beer, and spices, it is the perfect bowl of red. When I’m going to feed a crowd, I often lean on chili. It’s hearty and filling and easy to serve. It can be made vegetarian […]