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Whole 30 Recipes for the Holidays

It’s not impossible to feature lean proteins and veggies this time of year. Check out these Whole 30 recipes for the holidays. Tis the season to be merry and throw all caution to the wind and eat too many foods that you know aren’t good for you. Right? Wrong. While it’s the perfect time to […]

Favorite Whole 30 Recipes for Fall

Looking for some delicious, healthy recipes that are gluten and dairy free? Enjoy these Whole 30 recipes for fall. As summer fades off into a memory — yes, even in Southern California, a thunderstorm just rolled through as I type — we’re more inclined to hunker down inside, get cozy, and eat comfort food. Comfort foods, […]

Whole 30 Recipes You Can Freeze

Want to eat healthfully without fussing in the kitchen? Enjoy easy meals that are good for you, too, with these Whole 30 recipes you can freeze. This post contains affiliate links. When you make a purchase through those links, I am paid a small amount in advertising fees. Thanks for your support. I really appreciate […]

Whole 30 Recipes for Summer

Need inspiration for your Whole 30 experience or just healthier eating in general? Try these Whole 30 recipes that are perfect for summer. I like pretty much all kinds of foods. I don’t eat exclusively paleo. I don’t have any food sensitivities. And while I do a Whole 30 every so often, it’s not the only […]

Whole 30 Challenge – 2016

I’m going to be starting my Whole 30 Challenge on Wednesday, April 6, 2016. This is where I’ll be recording my meals and progress. (I did one Whole 30 successfully, back in 2013. Here’s my Whole 30 food log from that time.) Day 1 Today was the first day of my Whole 30. We returned from a […]

Quick Whole 30 Dinner Ideas

Breaking the hold of quick, processed foods can be hard. Try these Quick Whole 30 Dinner Ideas to eat real good food, real quick. Zucchini and Sweet Potato Hash One of the reasons that our culture is hooked on convenience foods and take-out is that these foods are quick. They’re easy. They don’t take a […]

Whole 30 with Modifications

Whole 30 with Modifications: Here’s my log of what I’m eating to troubleshoot inflammation and maybe lose that extra five pounds. For the past two months, I’ve had pain in my hands, like, it-hurts-to-curl-my-fingers-around-the-steering-wheel pain. Last week it got to the point that I wanted to take advil. All the live long day. I had […]

Help for the Whole 30

Struggling to get through the Whole 30? Try these tips to help you make it to day 30.

Whole 30 Recipes

Whole 30 Meal Plan for the Week

Here’s my meal plan for the week, Whole 30 compatible, and pretty darn delicious!