5 Great Ways with Chicken

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Lately it would seem that chicken breast has gone on sale frequently in my neck of the woods. Ground beef? Not so much.

It reminds me of the year my parents took red meat out of our diet. We ate chicken for 365 days. I know, memory is a funny thing. I’m sure it has exaggerated the amount of chicken we ate. But,  it was a lot!

However,  it’s a protein on good sale, still under $2/pound here in Southern California. So, I’m not going to say no. Instead, I’m going to try to vary how I use it so that it seems different.

Here are five great ways with chicken:

Buffalo Chicken Wraps with Blue Cheese Dressing

Orchard Chicken Salad

Summer Rolls

Jalapeno Burn Pizza

Santa Fe Chicken Tacos

What’s YOUR favorite way with chicken?

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  1. I like mine stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. Not exactly Weight Watchers. LOL!

  2. In the first photo, is the side dish couscous or quinoa? If it’s quinoa, and homemade, would you be willing to share the recipe? I’m trying to introduce it to our family. One of my favorite ways with chicken is a Pampered Chef recipe for curried chicken salad. It became my girlfriend’s favorite too–she loves when I bring it to picnics/get-togethers with the kids in the summer!

  3. I LOVE this recipe for chicken. It’s a regular at our house.

  4. I recently fell in love with a Chicken Divan recipe. II have modified the original to use what I have in my home. I use leftover chicken, cream of mushroom (or cream of whatever I have in my pantry) soup, brown rice, mild curry paste, and any bag of frozen veggies I have in my freezer. It is tasty, cheap, and somewhat health.

    ps. thanks for all the chicken recipes. I just loaded up on all natural chicken breast from Raleys, and need more recipes :0)

  5. Jessica, thanks for all of the great ideas and recipes. I just cooked a whole chicken on the crockpot with rotisserie seasoning and water. it comes out great. Seasoned enough to eat as is or to use in buffalo chicken salad, orchard chicken salad or barbecue chicken sandwiches.

  6. We like to marinate tenderized chicken breasts in Italian dressing (at least 24 hours, more is better) and then grill them basting them with honey on both sides. Serve on a good bun with lettuce, tomato and mayo. YUM!!!

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