My Big Fat Greek Pizza

Greek flavors like feta and spinach combine with mushrooms for a fabulous taste treat.

I think if it weren’t for steak, I could easily become a vegetarian. I almost always choose a meatless item at a restaurant. And my meals at home certainly drift that way.

Especially when it comes to pizza.

This pizza, redolent with Greek flavors was a fabulous taste treat. One that I will be repeating many times over in the future.

At our house, I make one batch of pizza dough, divide it into eight portions, and make everyone his favorite flavor combination. This is one of mine:

For the carnivores among you, you could easily add grilled chicken or steak. Either way, it’s a fabulous meal and perfect for Meatless Mondays or your next Pizza Night.

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

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  1. I love pizza, and yours looks and sounds scrumptuous. However, I have never made my own pizza because I would have to purchase several toppings to please everyone and in packaged amounts greater than I would use up in one meal. Then I’d have to figure out how to use the leftovers. When I can usually get a large take-and-bake pizza (to serve 3) for $9, making my own hasn’t seemed economical.

    • @Nancy,
      Nancy, I had the same problem. Now I prep all the pizza toppings and use them in several consecutive meals. The toppings are used for pizza one night, in salads for salad bar next night, omelets for breakfast or dinner the next day, and with a dip for snacks or appetizers.

  2. I like so many pizzas. This one sounds yummy. One I made years ago, that I really should make again, used a can of seasoned diced tomatoes for the ‘sauce’, then had slivers of baked turkey (from Thanksgiving), slices of black olives, and feta cheese on top. Baked until crust was cooked and all was heated through. It was delicious. There’s a good chance I would add spinach to it if I happened to have some, since I think that would be a nice addition.

  3. How do you cook all of them? Do you have to do them in batches or can you fit them all at once? I have thought of doing this for our clan of 8, but I didn’t want to have to wait for some, while others were getting cold.

    • @Cindy, that is a challenge. I do them in batches with mine last so that I can eat salad with them all at the table. My little kids don’t care if they eat cold pizza.

  4. Bobbi Driskill says:

    Hello! I’ve recently came across your website in a search engine and I’d love to make these pizzas, but when I click on the link for the pizza dough, it no longer exists. Help!

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