5-Ingredient Pizza

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Make pizza night easier and quicker than a run for takeout with this five-ingredient pizza recipe.

5-Ingredient Pizza | Good Cheap Eats

We have pizza about once a week. It’s one of our family’s favorite “fun foods” and a great way for us to enter the weekend. While I usually make the pizza dough from scratch, there are some days when I just don’t wanna.

Instead of buying take-out or frozen pizza, I’ve found a wonderful alternative that works very well for us and one that only calls for five ingredients.

Pita breads stand in for crust; the sauce is a mashup of canned tomato sauce and a seasoning blend; add your cheese and pepperoni. Voila – five ingredients!

I set this recipe up as a pizza bar. My kids have varying ideas of what constitutes “enough” toppings. Since the pitas are rather personal size, they can make their own without any trouble.

5-Ingredient Pizza | Good Cheap Eats

I’m partial to Jamie’s Spice Mix and usually keep a jar on hand. But, you can also use Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute or Costco’s Organic No-Salt Seasoning. I’ve done it all ways and love it.

The prepackaged seasoning is just a nice little shortcut when you have a bad case of I just don’t wanna.

Prepping this meal takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. It’s almost like getting take-out, but it tastes better and you don’t have to get into the car. Simply layer on the toppings and bake. Easy pizza.

5-Ingredient Pizza | Good Cheap Eats

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  1. Jenni says

    Yum. We did this with friends today, except used tortillas. I actually liked it better than I anticipated. It was an easy mix up from the normal pizza. We also do pizzas often. I typically make a dough. Everyone gets their own personal pizza size. Then, anything in the fridge and cupboards is fair game. It’s great for using leftovers. We have gotten some yummy concoctions. Leftovers are lunch on Saturdays!

  2. You have gotten me hooked on that 21 spice blend. I made a dip this weekend with drained yogurt, finely chopped kale that I had sauteed in garlic, sea salt and a heaping dose of the 21 spice blend. Oh. My. Stars. It was good. Better than spinach dip any day!!

    Looking forward to hearing you on Coffee Table Conversations. Can I just tell you? I am loving every part of that bundle deal: the ebooks, the extra giveaways and the CTC have been amazing. Just amazing. I saw it and purchased it through your site and it was the best $$ I have spent in a long time.

    Happy Monday Jessica.

    • It’s yummy spice. I gotta figure out how to recreate it myself.

      SO glad you’re enjoying the bundle. I love the laundry sheets. Did you get those?

  3. Kirstin says

    I, too, bought some 21 Seasoning Salute because I saw it recommended here. I’ve been using it for roasted vegetables. Is it Trader Joe’s version of Mrs. Dash or something like that? In any event, thank you for telling us about it.

    • I’ve never bought Mrs. Dash, so I don’t know, but I love that stuff. I’ve used it in tuna salad before. Yum-O.

  4. Maureen says

    Can not take it! I am in Canada and soooo missing my visits to Trader Joe’s! Sad how I enjoy your grocery posts just to get a glimpse of all the cool products you buy there …

  5. Yum! I’d forgotten about the pita pizza magic – thanks for the reminder! Great for small families, too.

    I used to do pita pizzas in the toaster oven for breakfast…skipped the tomato sauce, added chopped apples or raisins, some maple drizzle and cheddar.

  6. Thanks for the simple, quick, and yummy looking idea!

  7. Erika says

    That looks great, thanks! My husband mastered your pizza recipe a few winters ago when our twins were infants and now all four children love it. He makes it frequently during his “off season”. In the meantime, this recipe is definitely doable! I will be near a Trader Joe’s on our spring break next week and will definitely pick up some tomato sauce and spice mix.

    • You can make it without going to Trader Joe’s. The spice mix is a lot like my Jamie’s Spice Mix.

  8. Elizabeth says

    When you make these for the freezer do you assemble them and wrap in foil?

    • Assembled and freeze them on trays. Then once they are hard, you can wrap with plastic wrap and put back in the freezer.

  9. Carolyn says

    Have you ever done these on a charcoal grill? I refuse to use the oven when it gets over 75 in the house but would love to have pizza more often during the summer. 🙂

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