Bacon and Pepper Jack Salad

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Bacon and pepper jack make for a tasty salad recipe. Though, you probably don’t need a recipe, do you?

Bacon and Pepper Jack Salad

I tend to think that you don’t really need a recipe for a salad. I mean, if you’re a child of the 80s, you grew up with the uber-cool salad bar. You make your own salad recipe each time you go down the line.

I love salad bars. Sadly, they’ve gone out of style. I can recount the salad bars of my past: Sizzler, Chuck E. Cheese, Jasper’s Saloon. Some were cheap, some weren’t. I loved them all.

Anyway, salad bar or not, salads are often my go-to lunch. I shared one of my favorite combinations a few weeks ago. Today I’ve got another one. It seems so simple, I’m kind of embarrassed to write it out. But it was great tasting and maybe is the nudge you need to try different salad toppings this summer.

The bacon adds a salty, meaty, chewiness and crunch. The cheese has a little heat to it. The veggies cool it all off. In a word: super yum.

Ok, that was two words, but you get it, right?

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What’s YOUR favorite salad topping?

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  1. Nancy says
  2. I miss salad bars! The ones that are around are super expensive….but it gave me an early love for salad!

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