A Meal Plan for the Week

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Having a meal plan that doesn’t require that I be the one to cook it is the best kind of plan.

A Meal Plan for the Week: Having a meal plan that doesn't require that I be the one to cook it is the best kind of plan.

Friday night I saw not one, but three meal plans fail. I had intended to make a lovely French dinner for my family for French Friday. But, after shopping with four kids all morning, I just didn’t have the energy. I figured we’d have pizza, so I asked one of the bigger boys to make the dough.

A couple hours later I saw that he had forgotten to do it, and it was too late to do it myself. I shrugged it off, knowing we had thick, flour tortillas in the fridge. We’d just make pizza with those. When I went to do so, I saw that they were past their date and had started to mold. This is the second time this has happened with Trader Joe’s tortillas.

Note to self: store Trader Joe’s tortillas in the freezer. Also, give husband extra kudos for grabbing Costco pizza — and groceries! — on a Friday night.

Oy! This week is a week of many, many deadlines for me. So, I can’t have failed meal plans all over the place. In fact, I’m making a meal plan that my people can prepare without me. Yes, ma’am.

A Meal Plan for the Week: Having a meal plan that doesn't require that I be the one to cook it is the best kind of plan.


As you know, I’ve got a regular rotation for breakfasts all planned out. All breakfasts will be served with fresh juice or fresh fruit.

  • Breakfast Bar – I know there are several loaves of Bulk Zucchini Bread in the freezer as well as some bagels. We’ll have granola and instant oatmeal packets as well.
  • Pancakes – My kids can make this on their own.
  • Eggs – Ditto with the child chefs.
  • Muffins – I’ve got several mixes in the cupboard.
  • Oatmeal Bar – We’ve got some seeds and raisins to top our oatmeal with this week.

A Meal Plan for the Week: Having a meal plan that doesn't require that I be the one to cook it is the best kind of plan.


I declare it simple snack and sandwich week. FishPapa loaded up on fixings at Costco, so we’re good.

A Meal Plan for the Week: Having a meal plan that doesn't require that I be the one to cook it is the best kind of plan.


I’ve chosen more family favorites so that everyone is happy, including the folks I enlist to cook it.

Got YOUR meal plan on?

Check out Meal Planning 101 if you need to refine your meal planning skills.

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  1. My meal plan for the week is ready .

    Breakfasts will be : cereal (hot or cold), Toast or bagels with nutella or cinnamon butter, blueberry muffins
    Lunches will be: turkey & cheese sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese tortillas with fruit and/or yogurt
    Dinners will be : Salmon& baked potato casserole, Turkey, pasta, mushrooms, mixed veggies in stewed tomatoes & seasonings, Pork chops (your easy skillet chops) & baked potatoes, Orange ginger pork(from leftovers) over rice, meatloaf & mashed potatoes, Pizza, Leftovers

  2. Stephanie M. says:

    We just had a huge BBQ on Saturday and now we are saddled with the leftovers. Ho Hum! Breakfasts this week for my husband will be Irish Soda Bread, yogurt and fruit; Eggs and toast; Cereal and fruit; and home made sausage mcmuffin with egg. For me, mostly cereal with fruit.

    Lunches for my husband will be various sandwiches and one business luncheon. For me, it will be a lot of salads to make up for this past weekend of evil eating.

    Dinners will be one more day of leftovers and then they just have to go to leftover heaven; meatball parmesan subs with leftover meatballs from last week’s spaghetti and meatballs; BBQ chicken with rice and beans; zucchini quiche and salad, and crab cakes.

  3. Heather M says:

    My meal plan runs this past Saturday thru Friday, and we leave town for 10 days on Friday evening, so we’ ve continued the pantry challenge as well. We’re only home 8 days after we return and head out of town again, the hubs and son for 12 days, me for 3 weeks, and the daughter until mid-December— augh! Freshman in college! Crazy! Everything is what we have left in the house. Not buying more than the one loaf of bread, eggs and milk I bought today. The week we’re home in between all the travel will also be pantry/freezer cleaning out along wig a few fresh items (salad, fruit, etc, just very carefully purchased!). We will be at my in-laws the first trip, so can bring any lingering fruit/fresh veggies with us, but the second trip is across the country by plane, so no such luck. 🙂

    Breakfasts are combos of these: cereal, eggs, bacon, vegetarian sausage, fresh fruit(we have apples/bananas/cherries/black and blueberries/white peaches that need to get finished off this week)

    Lunches are leftovers, sandwiches, snacky lunches, and salads, like today— I had a big Greek salad with tuna and feta; son had pistachios, apple slices, and breadsticks, hubs took leftovers (daughter out of town)

    Saturday: cheeseburgers w/whole wheat buns, roasted garlic potatoes, salad
    Sunday: slow-cooker New Orleans red beans and spicy sausage (and piles of bell pepper, celery, onions) over rice, salad
    Monday: Moroccan chicken thighs over couscous, roasted asparagus
    Tuesday: hoisin pork tenderloin, rice, steamed green beans
    Wednesday: mahi mahi, sides to be decided after seeing what’s left in the fridge
    Thursday: dinner out with friends who are moving away!
    Friday: sandwiches, fruit, raw veggies, and snacky food on the road

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