Chill Out with a Cool Drink

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Summer’s hot. You’re bothered. Chill out with a cool drink. Need inspiration? Try one of these:

Apple Cider Floats

Sorbet Punch

Banana Mango Coconut Smoothie

Coconut Mango Banana Smoothie

Lime-Mint Cooler

Lime Mint Cooler

Lemonade 3


The Best Lemonade Ever

What’s YOUR favorite summer drink?

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  1. Janet says:

    My daughters like to make fruit water. They pour simple syrup into an ice cube tray and then add small pieces of fruit to each cube. Once frozen they add the sweet ice cubes to a glass of cold water. Very pretty drink and as the cubes melt the water turns slighty sweet.

  2. Mary says:

    Got Basil? Try this: Strawberry Basil Lemonade
    – juice enough fresh lemons to make 1 cup lemon juice ( 4-10 lemons depending on size); 3/4 cup superfine sugar; 4 cups H2O; 8-10 fresh strawberries (tops removed); 1/3 cup fresh basil.

    Juice fresh lemons and transfer to a large pitcher. Add H2O and sugar, stir to combine and dissolve sugar.
    Add strawberies and basil. Using an immersion blender , blend mixture for about 20 seconds just until the mixture turns pink and basil is finely chopped. ( I use my vitamix blender to do all this)
    Serve over crushed ice.
    If final texture is too “lumpy” can strain before serving.I found this recipe on the internet. Kid tested – and passed, although the 10 yo thought the pieces of basil should be removed.

  3. KimH says:

    My favorite drink is hands down Kombucha that is homemade.. Im not fond of store bought super bubbly Bucha.. but the one I made which is just slightly carbonated is fantastic! It quenches the thirst and its good for you too!

  4. Christine says:

    I have a new one, from an e-book I picked up called “The Coolest Iced Coffee Drinks” or something like that. The author’s last name, funnily enough, is Beveridge.

    Make coffee syrup by mixing 1 1/2 cups strong, hot coffee with 1 cup sugar. Bring to a boil, simmer for 5 minutes, let cool (it will thicken) and store in the fridge for up to 1 week. Mix 3 tablespoons of the syrup with a glass of ice and seltzer. Stir. Coffee soda! Yum.

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