Meal Plan for the Week of June 16

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Popeye's Wimpy Burgers

We’re at the grandparents today. We’re not sure when were going to head home. It’s kinda nice to be spoiled. I slept in until 8:30 this morning while other folks supervised children and made breakfast. It was pretty sweet.

I might never go home.

We honestly haven’t decided when we are heading back south, either Monday or Tuesday. It’ll be a short week since my dad’s 70th birthday party will be on Saturday, so we’ll be gone then, too. Yay for summer!

I’ll be back to reality by Tuesday night for sure, so here’s the meal plan for when I do.

Our rotation for breakfasts and lunches is still working, so why change?

Breakfasts for Summer

All served with seasonal fresh fruit.

Lunches for Summer

All served with seasonal fresh fruit and veg.

Dinners for the Week

All served with seasonal fresh fruit and veg.

  • Wednesday: Burgers and Chips
  • Thursday: Grilled Fish and Potatoes
  • Friday: Pizza Night
  • Saturday: out of town again!
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