Chicken Gumbo Soup & What’s On Your Plate

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Welcome to What’s On Your Plate?!

What’s on Your Plate? is designed to be a conversation amongst good eaters. Tell us about a recent meal.

Did it meet with rave reviews? Or did it bomb? What side dishes did you pair with the star of the show? Did you try a new ingredient? Find the groceries at great prices?

Share what’s on your plate! Each week a featured foodie* will share his or her plate and then the rest of us will get a chance to link up our own posts or share in the comments what good cheap eats we’ve been enjoying.

What’s on My Plate?

Years ago in reading Miserly Moms, I learned the great concept of having a weekly soup night. Not only is soup filling, but it is also a very inexpensive meal since you can usually use lots of little bits to make something new. It’s not like you need a huge roast to feed a family, just small quantities of several ingredients.

And for quite some time, we had soup and bread once a week. Somewhere along the line, however, my kids started to balk at Soup Night. Instead of requiring them to eat it, I stopped making soups regularly since I wanted to avoid waste.

But, I see the wisdom of Soup Night — as well as the wisdom of our learning to eat something with thankfulness even if it’s not our favorite. So, this winter, we’re going to explore soups as a family.

I have a great cookbook that I believe is the key to making good soups. A Feast of Soups explains the foundations to a good soup so that you can make the recipes in the book or venture off and make your own creations. My plan is to have my pickier eaters skim through the book for recipes that they’d like to try. Maybe that will make Soup Lovers out of them.

This week I made this Chicken Gumbo Soup recipe. It was really good made with some of our leftover Christmas Ham. I sedrved cornbread on the side.

Not all the kids loved it. In fact I watched at least one eat lots of cornbread and then surreptitiously head to the sink to rinse his bowl without being asked. Amazing….

For the most part, however, I think it went over well. Especially when I suggested to my four year-old that she pretend to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and “drink her soup.”

What’s on YOUR Plate?

Share with us a recent meal you prepared. Either link it up below or tell us about it in the comments. Please make sure that you link to in your post so others know where the dinner party is. And don’t forget to pop around and visit the other good eaters participating today. I’m sure you will be inspired to make all sorts of Good Cheap Eats at your house.

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  1. I posted a link to my video on making chili- 🙂

  2. Thank you for hosting. This week I shared my rice with fresh herbs and cheese. I make this at least once a week. You can change it however you want to make it your own.

  3. My kids are hit or miss on soups too. I don’t mind as I LOVE the leftovers for lunch. Soups like this often get better as they sit! Thanks!

  4. Soups are a winter favorite around here. Ham and Potato, Chicken Corn Chowder and Broccoli Cheese are some of our favorites. I linked up Toasted Sandwiches from my How to Eat at Home on the Go series, perfect with a bowl of soup!

  5. I linked black beans and rice with “sausage” (meatless chorizo-style links). I plan to make it again for New Year’s Day with black eyed peas instead of black beans. Thanks for hosting!

  6. I linked up some cookies I made for Christmas 🙂

    I’ve never tried gumbo before but the pictures make it look delicious!

  7. I just jumped over from Life as a Mom! Wow why did I not know about this blog? Gumbo looks yummy–might have to try it some time. I am in the middle of cooking somethings up and freezing them in preparation for surgery this month. It will keep me sane(maybe) while I am laid up.

  8. Soup looks delicious! But I’m going to complain….that is NOT gumbo! And I say that with all kinds of Southern sweetness 🙂 It does look delicious though!

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