Pesto & Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwich (What’s On Your Plate?)

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What’s on MY Plate?

As you have no doubt figured out, I like pesto. The rest of my family aren’t huge fans. And since I buy the big, honking jar from Costco, it lasts me awhile. So, I get creative with my use of it, slathering it on pizza, mixing it into macaroni and cheese, stirring it into pasta salad.

Sure, sometimes, I get efficient and freeze it in 1/2 cup portions so that I don’t have to eat it everyday for two weeks until it’s gone. But, that wouldn’t be this time.

And, yes, pesto is very easy to make yourself. But, since I have a very ungreen thumb these days, it’s better to just buy a jar and call it good.

This sandwich was fantastic! Sourdough bread, tomato slices, jack cheese, and a slathering of pesto. Oh me, oh my! Very, very yummy. Takes the humble grilled cheese to a whole new level.

And now that the pesto jar is empty…. well, I’ll have something else to talk about next week.

What’s on YOUR Plate?

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  1. Thanks for inviting up to link up! Hope your readers enjoy this recipe for Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Muffins!

  2. Your sandwich looks so good! Hope your readers enjoy this recipe for Meatless Macaroni and Cheese!

  3. Holy cow this looks awesome! Here’s a sandwich I would LOVE! Thanks!

  4. I love pesto as well, this sounds so yummy

  5. #10 has the wrong link to it. If possible, please delete it. I’ve corrected it in #12.
    Sorry for the mistake!!

    Your sandwich looks lip smacking good! 🙂

  6. Love pesto on my panini…looks great.

  7. I’ve never had pesto but your sandwich makes me want to! (Walking away to find something to eat) MMMmmm

  8. Yes, that looks amazing.

  9. I can’t wait to grow basil in our garden — pesto {made w/o nuts} here we come!

  10. Ooh, so good. We used to frequent a little converted caboose into diner back in Rhode Island called Jiggers and they sold a sandwich like this. Crazy tasty!

  11. Ok, so I have to share one of my favorite things to do with pesto, salad dressing. You basically make a cream dressing base (mayo, sour cream and buttermilk or regular milk) then mix in some pesto. It’s so delicious on a simple green salad. I love stirring it into alfredo sauce too. Then I mix in tortellini, broccoli, caramelized onions, and cooked chicken chunks. Everyone in the house loves it and they are not huge fans of pesto either.

  12. That looks soooo good! I am such a sucker for a good sandwich.

  13. That looks really good!!!

  14. Jessica McKain says:

    This looks SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for giving me an idea of a grown-up grilled cheese sandwich!

  15. I am so happy I found your blog! I have floundered with my blog for a year now and finally started posting about things that I cook. I can’t wait to dive in and look at all your recipes. Thanks for hosting!

    (I accidentally posted 2 links, the first one needs to be taken off, I’m sorry!)

  16. I guess we were both in pesto moods this week!

  17. I love pesto too…made a Chicken pesto, sundried tomatoes, and artichoke heart pasta this week…yum!

  18. I love pesto!!! How much is a jar at Costco?

  19. That turkey baguette looks amazing. I just ate breakfast and my tummy is already grumbling after seeing that photo. I’d sub pesto for the mayo and add some avocado. Nom.

    Thanks for the link up!!

  20. Why have I not tried pesto on a sandwich before…. Must do that next time!!

  21. AllieZirkle says:

    This looks YUMMY!

    When I have leftover pesto, I use it in red sauce instead of dried basil. It works great!


  22. your sandwich looks delicious!

  23. I am new here.I found your linky while browsing.I just linked my Baked Chicken Tortilla Wrap.Thanks a lot for hosting

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