Why I Love My Electric Griddle

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This post is part of a series in which I divulge my secret love of small kitchen appliances. This week is the electric griddle! The electric griddle is one of the handiest tools for cooking for a crowd. It cooks up many pancakes, tortillas, or sandwiches easily at one time.

Why I Love My Electric Griddle


Once upon a time, I would mix up pancake batter to feed my family pancakes on a Saturday morning. I cooked the flapjacks in a skillet. There were two or three of us diners at the time. And it worked.

Eventually, as our family grew, I realized I was standing at the stove for a full hour, trying to bake enough pancakes to feed the masses. Cooking three at a time just wasn’t going to cut it.

I bought a stovetop griddle and tried that out for a time. Within a few months it went the way of a garage sale. It just didn’t cook evenly and was more hassle than it was worth.

A short time later I was shopping in Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I had both a 20% off coupon and a gift card to spend. Electric griddles were on sale. That baby could cook eight pancakes at once, cutting my pancake time in half!

I brought it home to the sound of my husband’s complaints. Despite the fact that I only spent $5 out of pocket, he protested that it was too big and bulky.

He ate his words, stacked with butter and maple syrup about a week later when he hosted the next Pancake Saturday.

“That baby cooks a lot of pancakes!” he said.

Why, yes, yes it does.



Since then our electric griddle has been put into service to toast grilled cheese sandwiches, melt quesadillas, and crisp chimichangas in addition to the regular rotation of pancakes.

The electric griddle has taken the drudgery out of cooking these foods, vying us time in the kitchen. Having many sandwiches, quesadillas, chimis, or pancakes ready at one time also allows our family to eat together rather than in shifts as was often the case when we cooked these items in a single frypan.Why I Love My Electric Griddle

Some of my favorite recipes include:

Care and storage

I try to avoid cooking greasy foods on our griddle. Aside from a swipe of butter for pancakes or grilled cheese, I cook on it dry; no frying sausages on it or anything. Afterward I wipe it well with soapy cloth or spray it with vinegar and wipe it down. We store it over the fridge, not the prettiest of displays, but it works.

It also keeps me from stacking too many other things atop the fridge.


Purchasing a machine

I think we’ve owned two electric griddles over the years, each lasting at least five years. I bought both at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with a coupon. I didn’t read any reviews or do any research. I made my purchase based solely on price. The model we currently have is similar to this one.

Like I’ve said before, if you’re not absolutely sure you want a machine, borrow one! If it’s a pain to use or to store, then it might not be worth it to you. If you’re cooking for just a few people, it might not be a valuable purchase. For us, it’s a game changer.

If a small kitchen appliance can be a game changer, that is.

Of course, it’s just a question of how often do we want to enjoy pancakes? (Often.)

What’s your experience with an electric griddle?

Love it or hate it? Do tell.

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  1. Kathy says

    I use ours all the time to make pancakes. I also love to use it for bacon. It takes forever to fry up 2 lbs of bacon for my family in a skillet. This tool makes it much faster and it cleans so easily.

    • Donna says

      Lay your bacon flat in on a rimmed baking sheet and bake at 375 for 25-30 min depending on thickness. All of it will be done at one time and no mess on the stove or griddle to clean up. I never make my bacon any other way! @Kathy,

      • michele says

        in the oven is the only way to do bacon.

        • Brighid says

          @michele, 400 degrees for 15-17 minutes also works if you have hungry teenagers. 🙂

        • Kathy says

          @michele, We have tried the oven thing and think fried is best.

    • LeeAnn says

      Regarding making bacon, since I started doing this I wont make it any other way.
      layer large cookie sheet with tinfoil
      layer bacon on cookie sheet
      put in oven (before its heated)
      17 minutes @ 400 degrees
      No splatter, no standing over the bacon, throw foil away for no mess.

  2. My mom bought me my first electric griddle in 2005 when I was pregnant with our second child. We love it and still use it all the time! I bake English muffins on it, make all pancakes/french toast, toast burritos (<– thank you for that method, btw), and even fry my bacon. Now, that does require a little extra cleaning, but I can do so much at a time and my family seems to prefer it over the baked method, so it works for us! 🙂

  3. Shannon Ladner says

    Oh my goodness, people are still frying bacon :))
    My husband showed me a trick years ago and I no longer get popped with grease and it cooks so much easier.
    Spread it out in a large pan that has sides and bake it in the oven on 350 degrees. Check it regularly and when it gets to the crispiness that you like just pull it out and drain the bacon on a paper towel. I must say when he first told me this I looked at him like he was crazy! I am from South Mississippi and we have ALWAYS cooked our bacon in a cast iron skillet. Of course we where always dancing around to stay clear of the grease popping. He informed me that there is a reason it is called Bacon….. It needs to be Baked! LOL

  4. Jennifer says

    Thanks for this post. I’ve been wanting an electric griddle because while there are only three of us, my son loves pancakes for breakfast so I like to make a good-sized batch and put a bunch in the freezer. I spend at least an hour flipping pancakes when it’s time to fill the freezer again. I couldn’t rationalize buying an electric skillet just for pancakes but I never thought about using one for quesadillas or crisping things up. I will have to look for a sale. We’re in Maine where utility costs are really high so it would probably be worth the investment for more than just saving me labor..

  5. Melissa Zerbe says

    I love mine also! I like to take chicken breast and pound them out real flat then ‘fry’ them on the griddle. I make a sandwich similar to Smash Burgers! I also use mine for hamburgers, bacon, and grilled cheese. With a family of 5 having a product that allows me to make it all at once is very important to me!

  6. Linda K. says

    We love our waffle maker. We’ve had it for years and years. My husband is the “wafflelier” of the family. He likes to put berries, bananas, pecans, or walnuts in our waffles. The blackberries can turn the waffles an alarming deep purple, but they are still yummy. Waffles are a quick meal for evening too.

  7. KimH says

    M’honey had one before I moved in some 15 years ago.. We still have it on top of my basement freezer, but I forget its there.. I should pull it out occasionally.. it would make my job in the kitchen faster occasionally. Thanks for the reminder. 😉

  8. Lea Ann says

    Love my waffle maker…..I make waffles at least once a month in double batches to eat then and freeze the rest. They are sooooo much better than Eggos or frozen waffles. Just to clarify, I have a waffle maker that is almost 30 years old and it is not a single waffle maker….it makes the large squares that break into 4ths. Now that I am a SAHM, I certainly use it much more than I did before.

  9. Tammy says

    They aren’t gourmet by any means but the griddle makes quick work of grilled cheese sandwiches too!

  10. erica says

    Our electric griddle is the workhorse of the house! We use it so much that we replace it every 6-9 months because we wear the non-stick off. Most of the time it sits on the counter, ready to cook but it does have a home on the open shelf right under the counter (we remodeled our kitchen and designed our island for small appliance use). Breakfast hamburgers, grilled cheese, quesadillas, grilled cheese, bacon, fried eggs, hamburgers (when its too rainy to stand out by the grill) are cooked on it almost daily. It handles tortillas, pancakes, and french toast for a crowd on weekends (Sunday night dinner is always breakfast cooked by my teen boys). It reheats pizza beautifully. When the kids were little I it didn’t bother me that they used the griddle like I worried about a pan on the stove- weird, I know. My folks got the kids a quesedilla maker for Christmas and it gets some use but I still find the kids making them on the griddle unless the griddle is really greasy. I have a big, single sink so cleaning it isn’t a problem and I only do it after really greasy foods like bacon, sausage, or burgers, otherwise I just wipe it down while its warm.

    Other small appliances? Other than the toaster and two microwaves. I really don’t care for them or use them… I have a Kitchen Aid for mixing and it has slicing and grating attachments that I inherited from my grandma if I have a really big job. The blender just gathers dust in the upper cupboard and every once in a while decides to jump out and try to bean someone in the head. We have a food processor too but it rarely gets used. I’d just rather use a knife most of the time.

    • Jp says

      Get a ceramic griddle i use mine daily and after2 years its still like brand new

  11. Heather says

    I LOVE my electric griddle! My mother bought me one for Christmas last year. It is my most used small appliance. I have gotten to the point that I cook the majority of our food on it. It cuts back on me having to use oil or butter in the skillet to fry things!

  12. Shelly says

    I use mine all the time. I even bought one for our camper so I didn’t have to lug the one in the kitchen each time we went. It work as great outdoors as it does in my kitchen. I’ve worn out 4 in my 14 years of marriage and like you I bought soley based on price at the time of my purchase.

  13. Heather says

    I love my griddle and waffle maker too. We do pancakes or waffles every weekend. Dh thought the waffle maker was silly but its been use more than the griddle since I bought it.

  14. I got mine for $9 on a Kohl’s black friday sale. Worth it’s weight in gold. Unfortunately I can’t get it down from the top of the cabinets by myself. On the weekends I’m always knocking on the neighbors’ doors for help if I’ve forgotten to ask my babysitter to get it down for me! I love that I can make breakfast AND eat it.

  15. Erin says

    Love my griddle for pancakes! It’s also good for cooking cod when I make fish tacos, as it’s nonstick. I do have to be very careful to clean it well. No one wants cod pancakes!

  16. Kathy says

    I have an electric griddle but sadly, it has never made it out of the box. I can’t seem to find a place in my kitchen to use it! I would love to get it out and use it; I’m sure it would save me time.

  17. Sue says

    I have one.. I do not have room in my kitchen for it.. I use in with our camper.. too many years trying to cook pancakes over an open fire.. NO WAY… Love the electric griddle.. !
    sue in nj

  18. Trish says

    Since you mentioned quesadillas I have to ask a totally stupid question, and please anyone with an answer chime in – how do you cut up quesadillas without the filling oozing out everywhere? I have only recently started making them, they are great for my husband’s lunch, but when I cut them I lose lots of filling. It drives me crazy!

    • Sandi says

      @Trish, I typically put toppings on one half and then fold the top over. After I cook it, I use the pizza cutter to slice it. The folded end really helps to keep it all contained.

  19. Kathy says

    We take one shell and put stuff on half, fold over, and cook. When it’s done we just eat it whole. Since its folded in half we don’t seem to mind it not cut up.

  20. I’ve had one of these for years, they do work well, but they get sticky after time. I splurged one year and got a calphalon stove top griddle which I can totally immerse and clean well. It’s held up really well, much longer than the plug-in kind. However, if I found a brand new one at a yard sale for a great price, I would still buy it. It sounds like you got a great deal, but be on the look out for one these two burner type stove top griddles. I’m in the market for a new one, but mine lasted at least five years. They have on Amazon for about $50ish. I’m saving swagbucks 🙂

    • Jessica says

      @jackie Brown, I actually started out with a stove top griddle and hated it. LOL. Glad you like yours. I am thrilled with the plug-in kind.

  21. Angela says

    I have a question or two! Just got a used electric griddle, and heated it to the designated temperature for pancakes. When I put the butter on the griddle, it immediately burned! When do you suggest putting the butter on the grill? Also, I guess you’re supposed to wait until the little light goes off before cooking, but does that mean letting the griddle get super hot with nothing in it? My understanding of non-stick surfaces is that you’re not supposed to heat it up with nothing in it. Finally, are the suggested temperatures on the little plug in thing too hot? I’d really like to be able to use this thing without burning the butter and having pancakes that are singed!

    • Jessica says

      I think you have to go by what the manufacturer’s directions say. Every griddle is going to be different. If it’s a nonstick surface, you might not need to use any butter.

  22. Jenny says

    Recently found a very expensive brand oil core electric skillet at a thrift store (yippee!). It cooks everything without the need for cooking spray, and has a high dome lid. It’s awesome, it cooks our breakfasts and dinners. I recently had a small electric waffle maker that died at about ten-years-old. Sadly some people think this is “old,” but I also have a 1950s waffle maker that I use that’ll probably last another 60 years. Go to thrift stores or online auctions and buy the old quality-made in the USA stuff instead of cheap foreign made junk that lasts 5-10 years. My above mentioned skillet is USA made too.

  23. Kristi says

    I use mine for all the uses above. If cooking chicken or even burgers, I put a skillet lid over to hold in the heat and cook it evenly or even faster. I use large cookie or biscuit cutters to make perfectly fried eggs. When I cook scrambled eggs or omelets, I poor slowly toward the back lip and let the first layer set up and use a wide spatula to keep it from running. I also have turned it on a lower temp to keep dishes warm! Great for buffet style meals on holidays. Even kept bread warm. Put a towel over the bread pan. Also get aluminum disposable pans so cleanup is even easier. I do cook my bacon on it, but have cooked the bacon in the oven also. I like my bacon crispy, so love it on the griddle. I work with homeless and griddles are great for cooking large quantities. Then putting food in pans and put back on clean griddle to keep the food warm. I like to saute food as it’s not as greasy 🙂

  24. Renée Reynolds says

    I love my griddle! We use it for everything. It has been used some days for all three meals. We cook breakfast every morning on it, sausage, bacon (only in the hot months, because I like to cook it in the oven too), eggs, and grilled toast. Also, we grill fish, burgers, steak, and chicken. I use it for pancakes, frenchtoast, quesadillas, grilled burritos, grilled cheese sandwiches, Philly cheese steaks, stir fry, and sliced potatoes. I could not live with out my griddle. In fact, I found this post when I was looking to see how long they last. Ours died this morning, after 5 1/2 years of heavy use, and my husband rushed out to Wal-Mart to get another one.

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