Asian Bowls: My New Favorite Dinner

Asian Bowls are my answer to an easy, delicious, make-ahead dinner. You can mix and match the ingredients however you like — and it’s always amazing. A few months ago my friend Jessika and her family were visiting for a few days. Needless to say, with an extra three people every meal needed to feed […]

Mediterranean Snack Box

Enjoy a delicious, flavor-packed lunch with this Mediterranean Snack Box. Rich hummus, tangy salami, tender veggies, and soft pita bread will make your day! Snacky dinners are my jam. I can make all my family happy in one fell swoop when I lay out breads, cheese, meats, veggies, dips, and fruit. As my kids mature, […]

Mediterranean Chicken Bowl

Enjoy an easy lunch with this Mediterranean Chicken Bowl. It’s packed with flavor and late summer produce. And it’s super-packable. As you might know by now, Bowl Meals are some of my favorites. You don’t need to stand on ceremony with a bowl meal; you just dig in. No fancy accoutrements necessary. Bowl Meals are […]

Bagel Box (DIY Grown-up Lunchable)

Bagel Box | Good Cheap Eats

Enjoy a grown up “lunchable” with this simple Bagel Box. Supplement the humble bagel with homemade flavored cream cheese and plenty of fruits and veggies. I remember when the first Lunchables hit the market. I was in junior high and I wanted them. I didn’t really care if they were created for little kids, I […]

The Veggie Pesto Sandwich That’s Perfect for Packing

Looking for lots of flavor at lunchtime? This Veggie Pesto Sandwich packs a punch, all while being meatless, portable, and budget-friendly. My friend Alison is so great at discovering new flavor combinations. I love it when we’re at potlucks together because I get all kinds of great ideas. This sandwich is one of them. Alison […]

Quinoa Chili with Three Chiles

Enjoy a chili supper that’s full of flavor and a good dose of protein. This Quinoa Chili comes together quickly and easily for a super supper. This recipe was born out of a Pantry Challenge. You see during a Pantry Challenge, I’m hyper-alert about leftovers and making them into something new instead of throwing them […]

A Month of Meals on the Go: Better Than Fast Food

Enjoy great food away from home with this Month of Meals On the Go. It’s jam-packed with delicious, affordable meals you can pack to go. Do you ever find that life is just GO GO GO? Do you inadvertently end up eating more fast food than is good for you? Would you like FOR ONCE […]

Tuna Pita Sandwiches with Cucumber

Make brown-bagging it tasty and economical with these delicious Tuna Pita Sandwiches with Cucumber. Canned tuna never tasted so good. When we were in England, one of our go-to “fast food” restaurants was a chain called Pret a Manger. It’s not really fast food, but it’s quick and easy, ready when you walk in the […]

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Got bananas and chocolate? Then you’ve got the makings for a wonderful snack. Or breakfast. Or dessert. Make Chocolate Chip Banana Bread! I never heard of Chocolate Chip Banana Bread until college. It was a “new thing” in 1990, what can I say? We didn’t have the internet back then. One always knew when Chocolate […]

Santa Barbara Caviar, the Bean Dip that Acts Like a Salsa

Santa Barbara Caviar is a delicious bean dip that acts like a salsa. It’s perfect with chips, to top tacos or enchiladas, or even to serve simply on rice. I went to college at UC Santa Barbara. It was known as the party school back then. It may still be known as the party school. […]