Homemade Chocolate Pudding

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Homemade chocolate pudding comes together in just a few minutes. Rich in chocolatey flavor, it makes a deliciously elegant dessert to serve to friends and family.

Homemade Chocolate Pudding | Good Cheap Eats

When I was a kid, pudding came in a box. Or a plastic cup. But usually a box that I added milk to and whipped with the mixer. In five minutes, I had a sweet chocolately treat.

For my husband, nine years my senior, pudding also came in boxes and plastic cups, but if you were to mix up a box you did so on the stove. And had to wait hours for it to cool. And risk its forming a skin, which he actually liked. Ew.

Clearly, we had different childhoods. 😉

Nowadays, our pudding is homemade. I taught FishBoy15 to make it today. Super easy. You do have to measure instead of opening a box. And we do cook it over the stove. And you can let it form a skin if you want. (Not that I recommend that.)

But, the little extra work to make homemade chocolate pudding is totally worth it. And it’s really not much work at all. Takes about 90 seconds to measure those ingredients, and you’ll know that your pudding is all real food. Amen. Hallelujah.

Many recipes for homemade chocolate pudding call for egg yolks mixed into it, creating a custard. This recipe is egg-free, making it a little bit cheaper and easier to make.

Homemade Chocolate Pudding | Good Cheap Eats

I love this dessert for many reasons. Chocolate, of course. It also lends itself to a pretty presentation. Homemade chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream makes a beautiful and elegant dessert to serve to company at the holidays or to make a regular day just a little more special.

It’s nice to have some small ramekins or pots for serving. The ones I have are actually glass yogurt containers from France. Yes, commercial yogurt comes in real glass containers. They are perfect for homemade chocolate pudding. I only wish I had hoarded a few more from our trip last year.

Homemade chocolate pudding takes about ten minutes to prepare and then an hour or two to chill. It’s delicious and easy, so there’s no reason not to make some today!

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  1. Emily says:

    My childhood pudding experience is the same as Fish Papa’s. Love that skin! ? nowadays I opt for homemade too, though. It’s so easy and I almost always have the ingredients on hand. I seem to forget about it as an option, though. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. After DH’s transplant, chocolate pudding was one of the only things his system would tolerate, so I made a ton of it. Finally settled on a mixture of flour and cornstarch as the thickener. This gave a bit of softness to the texture while still holding its shape well.

    Virtual hugs,


  3. Elizabeth says:

    This looks great. I have seen some homemade pudding recipes that call for heavy cream, and I just can’t do it to my waistline! Have you tried this with anything other than whole milk?

    • I typically make it with 1%, but it’s better, of course, with whole milk.

      For future reference, I don’t specify what kind of milk to use, but I typically have 1% on hand. Great question!

  4. Judie Ashford says:

    After about five decades of drinking and using nothing but reconstituted non-fat dry milk, and reading more and more about the benefits of the nutrients in it, I started using whole milk for my homemade yogurt, creamed soups, and every other use of milk. This has been going on now for about five years, and I have noticed no change in my weight or medical/cardiology check ups.

    I am now a firm believer that there are benefits to consuming just about any whole product, rather than something that has been altered. It is particularly galling when you think about it . . . they take the “cream” out of the milk and then sell it to you separately!

    Whole milk makes splendid yogurt and buttermilk, as well as puddings, gravies, soups, cocoa, etc.. It is my belief that the extra calories go towards a feeling of satiety and that one feels satisfied, rather than always craving more of something because the satiety point is never reached.

    Your mileage may vary! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


    • Whole milk gives great flavor. Absolutely!

      The main reason I don’t buy whole is due to the pesticides. I’ve read that those cling to the fat molecules. My kids drink five gallons of milk each week, so I can’t afford to buy organic. Haha! My compromise is to buy conventional 1% and organic cream. 😉

  5. Diana says:

    Will give this a try! We love homemade pudding (my husband likes it warm, so we don’t have to wait for it to cool!) but haven’t made it in awhile due to egg sensitivity of the littlest. I definitely want to try this without eggs! I’ve done the egg version with coconut milk instead of cow’s milk and it works fine too. Wonder how this would be with coconut?

  6. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    There was a whole Seinfeld episode about creating a business to sell the pudding skin because it was the best part (another hilarious episode was on selling muffin tops!)

    I would like to try this but I need to know from Diana how the coconut milk turns out! My oldest has a milk allergy. It’s gotten better over the years but it still gives her a bit of a tummy ache. The one and only snack at school that she simply refuses to deny due to her allergy is chocolate pudding! However, it gives her rumbly tumbly for a few days. She keeps telling me it’s ok because she doesn’t eat the “white” pudding, just the chocolate. She thinks only the white has milk!! It’s actually a fun conversation to have, but I would love an alternative for her.

    AND I would probably like it a little warm too!

    • I think it’s worth trying with coconut milk. Let us know if you test it that way.

  7. Helen says:

    Oh yum! And so hard to find egg free versions which I need for my son. Definitely need to give this a try!

  8. chantel says:

    SO yummy! Whipped this up yesterday afternoon for a dessert treat after dinner. Kiddos usually don’t get dessert after dinner every night so this was perfect. I also just might have, uhem, “hid” an extra for an after lunch treat for myself today.

  9. Cari says:

    We all loved this chocolate pudding, thank you!

  10. Bobbie says:

    It’s delicious – thanks for the recipe!

  11. June says:

    My mom made a similar version of your pudding I still remember how much I loved it. I’m making this for my kids. Thanks

  12. Denise M. says:

    Very Easy to Make! Love licking the spatula! Very Chocolaty, even without the choc. chips. Hubby gonna Love it! Used w/ day old expired milk. I made a double Batch. Hubby won’t drink expired milk, unless it’s made into a recipe. I used expired milk last time to make pancakes. He didn’t even notice the difference from regular pancakes. I told him after the fact, though.

  13. Fran P says:

    This is a super easy recipe & a great way to use up some milk.
    Our personal taste, we thought it was a little too sweet. Next time i’ll probably use just 1/2 cup of sugar.

    • Thanks for the input! Glad you liked it. I serve unsweetened (or very lightly sweetened) cream with it and that seems like a nice foil. Also, using dark chocolate instead of semi-sweet.

  14. This is super yummy and very easy!! I know the comments above are from awhile ago, but for the record, I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk and we all love it. Another recipe for my Kitchen Survival Kit and new favorite dessert!

    • So glad you liked it! And thanks for the intel on using almond milk. Great to know!

      Now, Sara, you can make a chocolate cream pie! You already know how to make the filling. Now, make a crust and you’re good to go!

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