2015 Winter Pantry Challenge: Day Sixteen

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This month our family is participating in a Pantry Challenge. We’re focusing on using up what we have in order to save money and time as well as to reduce waste.

Pantry Minestrone

It was a lovely day at our house. Since we did a mess of housework yesterday, today was play and rest time. We are still slowly getting over the grunge. I heard less coughing today, so that’s a good sign.

In cleaning my office yesterday I found a frequent buyer’s card for our local French bakery. The card was full which resulted in $19 of FREE pastries and bread. Needless to say, petite dejeuner is what we had for breakfast.

For lunch I made a repeat of last week’s minestrone soup. The combination of pantry staples that I’ve used has worked so well this month, I’ll be posting the recipe next week. It’s a keeper! Minestrone is one of my husband’s comfort foods, so it was a good sick-weekend lunch.

As dinner rolled around I didn’t really have a plan. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you. The pork tenderloin that I pulled from the freezer last night? I forgot to put it in the fridge before I went to bed. I left it on the counter all night long. Needless to say, it was not cold enough in our house to keep it safe. So, I chucked it and my dinner plan.

We had eggs, hash browns, and bacon for supper and everyone was happy.

Breakfast: Baguette and Croissants

Lunch: Pantry Minestrone (recipe coming soon)

Dinner: Scrambled Eggs, Hashbrowns, Bacon

How did Day 16 go for you?

Im-Taking-Pantry-ChallengeThis post is part of the 2015 Winter Pantry Challenge. Read through the archives to catch up.

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  1. I am the worst at taking meat out & then letting it sit. Such a waste. At least I do not feel alone. LOL

  2. I was back in the game today and it felt good!

    B: oatmeal and/or peanut butter and chocolate chip muffins
    L: sandwiches, chips
    S: popcorn at the movies (saw American Sniper – powerful movie!)
    D: pork carnitas (put the crockpot to work as we headed out the door for the afternoon). Served in warmed tortillas with lettuce, sour cream and shredded cheese. Leftovers will be put to use for lunches this week and added to a hominey casserole for dinner one evening.

  3. B- cereal with milk, tea

    L- leftover pasta from last night with some bruschetta

    D- I made the pita bread today, so we had falafels in pita bread, mine with avocado, and a cous cous salad I made up of things I needed to use: sun dried tomatoes, olives, and feta. Plus I used up all of the cous cous that I’ve had for a while.

  4. I woke up at 7:04 this morning, with my daughter tapping my shoulder- only difficulty? We were supposed to leave at 7:30! We made it, but it was tight. I reheated some pancakes for breakfast for me, handed hubs a granola bar, and dd a bag of Cheerios. The rest of the day we ate with inlaws and didn’t return home till 8:30 pm. My victory story from yesterday was our school project. We made a medieval castle out of cheerio treats. It was supposed to be rice Krispy treats, but I had 6 boxes of Cheerios. :). Then we broke the castle down this morning and brought the treats with us for lunch. School and dessert. 🙂

  5. Tiffany R says:

    Lazy day today. Worked on laundry and mostly stayed around the house.

    Breakfast: French toast, coffee, finished off the strawberries & bananas
    Lunch: Turkey sandwiches, chips & fruit
    Dinner: Salad with grilled chicken from the freezer (me), Zaxbys (boys) and sleepover pizza (daughter)
    Dessert: cake balls from the freezer

  6. Did well today.
    Breakfast: cinnamon raisin toast, coffee with scoop of freezer-burned vanilla ice cream for the sweetener/cream which finished it off (wish I’d realized there was so little left, it would have been gone ages ago)
    Lunch: polish sausage with sauerkraut
    Dinner: flounder florentine, baked potatoes, salad of mixed greens
    Dessert: oatmeal bars are in the oven now – they used up the last of the oatmeal, last of the strawberry preserves (at least the jar from the fridge but it came from Costco so I might have another one stashed)

    I pulled some salmon and a chuck roast out of the freezer tonight and put into the fridge to thaw. Now just need to figure out what to do with them. I’m not sure about the salmon – it’s been in there awhile but I think is okay – but the beef looked pretty freezer burnt so I need to do some method where it can soak in something to salvage it.

  7. Heather M says:

    Total disaster Challenge-wise for Sunday/Day 16. The day itself was great though. We slept in and had just two meals, as is typical of sundays. This year we have church 1-4, alternating years with a 9-12 schedule. Totally different days depending on the year. Today sleep, church, out to early dinner, home for a movie (no school or work tomorrow so why not?).

    Brunch: choice of bacon, hard boiled egg, raspberry mini muffins
    Dinner: out at a favorite local Greek-Italian diner. Yum but boo on the spending. I have to get into the groove of planning dinner better for Sundays now. I either have to put something in the slow cooker or else cook dinner entirely in the morning because we are always starving after church and often resort to a restaurant or takeout. I haven’t been planning at all yet this year, just day to day. Clearly that has to change.

    Also we picked up Boyhood at a Redbox and watched it tonight. So good. So good. Two for two in good movies this weekend. We may try for a third tomorrow. Long weekend and all…. Jessica, your clan’s cleaning spree has me feeling the need here. Aside from the movie tomorrow, I think it will be a “get things done” day around here. Thanks!

  8. Sherrie Roderick says:

    Had a wonderful day with the bug. Since I planned ahead, Cajun lasagna was already to bake in the fridge.
    I put dinner rolls out to thaw as we left for church. My husband finished everything up when we came home.
    We have a wonderful praise report, even though my husband didn’t get a deer hunting this year a family friend gave us one on Saturday. It was the greatest blessing!

  9. Stephanie M. says:

    We, too, are back on the challenge after Saturday’s bust. Today was a good day for us as well. Hubby worked in the garage for a while till it got too cold preparing for the installation of new garage doors in a couple of weeks. I spent the whole day writing in my girlfriend and her husband’s travel journal. Our friends are from Germany and we all just got back from a cruise together in the Caribbean. Whenever we all travel together, our friends make the photo albums and I write the travel journals. In them, I write what we did each day, where we went, what we ate, etc. I’ve been working on this for two weeks and finally yesterday, I finished it. I keep notes on our vacation every night. Then when we get home, I have to write everything out the way I want it and then I transfer all my final writing in the journals. What a job! Theirs is done so now I can send it to them. Then I have to do mine.

    B – Hubby had cereal. I skipped breakfast.

    L – We had some home made mini pizza bagels and taquitos from the freezer leftover from the holidays.

    D – We had pork roast, noodles, German potato salad, and Birdseye Bavarian style green beans.

    Dessert: We both had a slice of banana cake from the freezer.

  10. I found a jar of pumpkin sauce in the pantry and since it was just the 2 of us yesterday knew we wouldn’t use it all for pasta without having lots of leftover so needed to find a way to use up the rest of it, i found a recipe for a pumpkin chili with canned pumpkin so I just change it up and made 3 bean soup(black, pinto, great northern) and added the rest of the sauce and chicken, diced tomatoes and some spices. Yummy! Delicious….will be having it for dinner tomorrow but of course had to taste test it.

    Breakfast – Bacon, eggs, toast, coffee
    Lunch – Finished off the salmon frittata
    Dinner – Pasta w/ground chicken and pumpkin sauce, salad
    Market Day Cookie Dough Treats

  11. Pretty good day, basically eating what all we cooked on Saturday!

    Breakfast – banana and sliced strawberries and oranges.
    Lunch – Husband had egg salad sandwich and I had seafood pasta salad
    Snacks – polished off leftover pizza and fritos with onion dip while watching football (Yay Seahawks!)
    Dinner – meatloaf (found a wayward and old pkg. of ground pork that I mixed in with ground beef), baked potatoes and canned green beans.
    Dessert – brownies and ice cream with the homemade magic shell

    Had just enough leftover egg salad for son’s lunch today. Got to do a pantry review today to see how to proceed this week.

  12. Yay for freebies!!
    Sunday was my first day home from my out-of-town conference, and I was grateful to get back in my kitchen.
    For breakfast, Hubs practically begged me to make pancakes. Which I did not want to do, but I did. He had pancakes and bacon. Ds#3 had a chocolate chip pancake. I had soup. (yeah… I know.)
    For lunch, I made an enormous pot of vegetable soup before I left, and Hubs did not eat it. So we had it for lunch. All of it. There is none left.
    Dinner was a sort of ‘fend-for-yourself’ affair. Hubs wasn’t very hungry so he ate chips & salsa. Ds#3 had chicken tenders. I found some breaded eggplant in the freezer (from this summer’s garden) so I fried it in coconut oil and topped it with some marinara. It was delicious.
    Here’s our update:

  13. Vanessa B says:

    Another day of visitors and football. We are having amazing weather and the kids enjoyed the day outside.

    Breakfast – banana chocolate chip muffins
    Lunch – sandwiches and salad
    snack – cheesy garlic bread with marinara
    Dinner – homemade pretzels and pretzel dogs with jalapeno cheese dip and corn
    Dessert – peanut butter blossom cookies

  14. We’re doing pretty well on our challenge too! I spent $100 at the grocery store yesterday… but although there were a couple of little splurges (a bag of potato chips for the hubby, and diet coke for me!), it was 90% produce, dairy, and diapers.

    So far my grocery bill this month is at about 40% of the usual total! And even my husband noticed all the empty space in the pantry. 🙂

  15. Great day here.
    breakfast- out. Not my idea, but hub wanted to as it was a day off for us-we ordered off the senior menu 🙂
    lunch-left over cheesy corn chowder and pumpkin choc chip muffins
    dinner-lasagna type concoction with ww ziti, italian sausage, several leftover cheeses, week past pull date cottage cheese and marinara (actually was very delicious)
    Amazingly, I have yet to go to the grocery store this month. I swapped my daughter pumpkin muffins for three beef boullion cubes for a recipe I need later this week. I also shared cinnamon rolls and soup with them yesterday so I feel no guilt. We have had every dinner (except for one that friends bought) and lunch at home. We like to go out for breakfast once a week or so and have continued that.

  16. It was a quiet day at our house enjoying our three-day weekend. We spent a couple of hours playing board games. We also went for a nice long walk since it was in the 40s and dry today. We also watched an anime with the kids. These are not my favorite genre, but dad and the kids enjoy them. I also worked up a loose menu outline for the rest of the week.

    As we moved into the second half of the pantry challenge, I decided to make a few family favorite comfort foods to keep everyone on board.
    B: Milk, blueberries, Cranberry Orange Granola (Jessica’s recipe)
    L: Copycat Egg McMuffins, hash browns and sliced strawberries
    D: Crockpot barbecue pork chops, sautéed cinnamon apples, and corn muffins

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