2015 Winter Pantry Challenge: Day Seventeen

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This month our family is participating in a Pantry Challenge. We’re focusing on using up what we have in order to save money and time as well as to reduce waste.

Waffles pantry

This will be a quick Pantry Challenge update since I’ve got kids setting up Trivial Pursuit.

The waffle breakfast was awesome. I made these Homemade Waffles but used part corn flour and part corn meal for some of the wheat flour. They were amazingly good.

Lunch was a quick affair. I spent the morning shopping so I brought home two loaves of bread so we could have sandwiches. We have one loaf left – yay for tomorrow’s lunch!

FishChick8 surprised us by making an apple pie ALL BY HERSELF. Amazing.

For dinner, I made a meal I haven’t made it at least a dozen years. It’s called Cilantro Chicken and it’s amazing. It has sour cream, green salsa, chicken, and cilantro. It’s super delicious and absolutely easy.

Breakfast: Waffles with some corn flour/meal

Lunch: Tuna Sandwiches with Homemade Mayonnaise, Cucumbers

Dinner: Cilantro Chicken, Brown Rice, Carrots

Dessert: Nanna’s Apple Pie

Im-Taking-Pantry-ChallengeThis post is part of the 2015 Winter Pantry Challenge. Read through the archives to catch up.

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  1. Jen Beaman says:

    I would love to see how you made the cilantro chicken,as I have all those ingredients hanging around as well. it sounds delicious.

  2. Breakfast – coffee, probiotic drink – lately I’m getting bad about not eating a decent breakfast. I really need to correct that.
    Lunch – leftover baked potato from dinner, topped with chopped meatballs from the freezer, and some leftover queso cheese from the fridge – totally impromptu, kid loved it
    Dinner – chorizo sausage and manchego cheese ravioli, mixed green salad with multicolored bell pepper strips

  3. We had your waffle recipe tonight too. I made some strawberry sauce with a few frozen berries and even had leftover whipped cream on top! So yummy!

  4. Stephanie M. says:

    It is so cold here in New Jersey and icy too. I always love to see at least one snow storm but since we really haven’t seen one yet this year, at least not where we live, now, I just want to jump into spring and get out of this cold, once and for all. Tomorrow, I just have to make some soup. Kept myself busy today by cleaning and organizing my bedroom closet and I had some heavy cream in the fridge that needed to be used so I made some crème brulee for tomorrow.

    B – Hubby had cereal. I didn’t want anything.

    L – We both had ham and cheese paninis.

    D – Leftover pork roast, noodles, German potato salad and green beans.

    Snack: We both had hot pretzels.

  5. Breakfast – Bagels, cream cheese, coffee
    Lunch – Leftover soup w/crackers
    Dinner – Whiting, potato casserole, green beans
    Snacks – pretzels w/dip, ice cream

  6. I was home yesterday due to MLK holiday but we are having some interior painting done and the painters started today so I had to stay out of the way. Made myself comfy in the basement for the morning and got the laundry done, some reading and watched some TV. Youngest girl left yesterday morning for college so I met her and a friend for lunch (only 15 minutes away). Good excuse to get out of the house.

    B: bagels w/cream cheese
    S: sesame trail mix
    L: out for me, hubby packed his
    D: leftover pork carnita meat, hominey casserole, avocado salad

    We’ve eaten out entirely too much this month. That’s coming to a screeching halt.

    • That was us last month, Nancy! We have two birthdays in December, so the birthday boys get to pick what they want for birthday dinner. My oldest picked a home cooked meal, but then we had a coupon for his birthday to Red Robin so we went there the weekend after his birthday. My youngest’s birthday is two weeks later and he got his birthday coupon also, but decided he wanted to go to a buffet pizza place. Plus my husband and I went to our favorite Vietnamese place. Now I have to buckle down and cook at home! lol

    • We have also eaten out wayyyy too much!! Maybe we can keep each other honest and out of restaurants! 😉

  7. I need to make some waffles soon, too, Jessica. Yours sound so good. Maybe I’ll put that on my list.

    B-eggs and toast, tea

    L-leftover falafels in homemade pita with cous cous salad

    D-homemade pizza with sausage and pepperoni

    My husband bought some bulk sausage to use the night he cooked, but he had some leftover and I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I made pizza. He and the boys were happy. 🙂 I did go to Target and bought apples, lunch meat, pepperoni, cat litter, dog food, toilet paper, and more washcloths(keep running out!) and spent $100. I had a $2 coupon for dog food and a five dollar gift card to use.

  8. Tiffany R says:

    We all had MLK jr Day off yesterday and spent most of the day running errands. We asked the kids if they wanted to do a “fun” thing yesterday and their answer? Yes, they wanted to get a pizza delivered and watch a Redbox. They said that we have never had a pizza delivered to our house before and they wanted to see what it was like. Too funny. We agreed even though it hurt to pay extra for the delivery when we could have easily picked it up.

    Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes w/granola, coffee, last of the bacon ;-(
    Lunch: Grilled chicken salad (me & hubs), grilled chicken quesadillas (kids) (grilled chicken from the freezer)
    Dinner: Delivered pizza from Papa Johns, salad & grapes

    And there was enough pizza leftover for the kids lunches today. Score.

    • Stephanie P says:

      Fun day!! I just realized we’ve never had a pizza (or anything) delivered to the house either! So strange! Probably because we (thankfully) live so close to everything. I never thought about it before, so it’s so cute they requested that!

  9. Yesterday for dinner I made ham and bean soup with some ham and ham broth I had frozen at Christmas. Dd raved about it! I wanted to make some bread to go with it but was out of yeast and cornmeal so I made beer batter cheese bread, which used up the Swiss cheese that nobody will eat. For dessert I made a twisted monkey bread using apple butter that someone gave me. Both the bread and the dessert were completely consumed. I think my son has a sweet tooth! Oh and I served salad to round out the meal.

  10. Stephanie P says:

    I was home from work yesterday too because of the holiday. It was a pretty decent day! This was the day my poor kid had a soft pretzel for lunch while we were out, but other than that it was good! Normally when I’m off work I keep DS home from preschool/daycare, but yesterday was Grandparents Day and his were coming, so he went for a few hours. I was able to hit the gym and get in my workout while he was there, so that was a win!

    B: Pancakes/waffles for DS, Oatmeal for me.
    L: Soft pretzel while we were shopping for DS b/c he was “starving”. Then he had a yogurt drink when we got home. I had a turkey sandwich, hummus and cucumbers, and clementines.
    D: We had swimming so we ate a bit early. I made Owen home made macaroni and cheese, and he had pineapple (well he ate one piece), ONE pea, and five turkey pepperoni. I had oatmeal again.
    S: Air popped popcorn and some frozen strawberries. Owen had a marshmallow.

  11. Melissa F says:

    Yesterday was so nice because I got to spend time with my daughter – she didn’t have class or work yesterday so she drove out to see me.

    Breakfast – Kind bar
    Lunch – chicken nachos with guacamole (daughter’s request), also made us each a small brownie sundae
    Dinner – leftovers: son had meatloaf and pasta with the spinach and I had the last of the seafood salad
    Snack – apple slices

    Saved some of the meatloaf and pasta for son’s lunch today – that takes care of all the leftovers now.

    I forgot to mention that I made the pinto beans in the crockpot on Sunday and put (4) containers in the freezer.

    Gave daughter some food before she left so that in itself takes care of some items from the fridge and pantry. I still have a cabinet to go through that’s in my great room in the built-in bookcase. I keep extra canned goods, pasta and baking items in there and need to check expiration dates on my canned items. I have used a few the last few weeks.

  12. Being a holiday, we didnt stick to our pantry challenge as well as we could have(who I am I kidding, I didn’t stick to it!) I had to run to the store for some milk and produce. Costco is the cheapest for most of what I needed, and I stuck to my list! I also had to buy stamps, so I am glad I went to Costco for that. We got Costco’s take and bake pizzas for dinner- I promised my kids we could get pizza for the day off. And then I went to another store trying to find the right movie at redbox and I was hungry and saw the marked down bakery rack, and well, the rest is history! Everyone was super excited for the donuts($1.79 for a dozen!) and we had a fun living room picnic and a movie for dinner
    B-leftover crepes
    L- tamales
    D- pizza, salad, green smoothie, and donuts for dessert!

  13. The holiday weekend continued and we didn’t even eat a normal meal on day 17! We slept in, saw Selma in the afternoon (my 8th grade son’s idea for MLK day… Pretty cool kid), and just generally hung around. Got some laundry done and some things cleaned out. Good day. No meals means everyone fended for themselves. Leftovers, cereal, fruit, evening tuna sandwiches for two of us. No eating out except the popcorn at the theater, so that’s a win!

  14. Monday was a holiday for us, and it was nice to have a day to recuperate from my trip.
    Breakfast: Hubs had monkey salad (overripe bananas with cashews & coconut) and eggs & bacon. I made a breakfast quiche for ds#3 with broccoli & bacon. He didn’t eat it today, but I did. He just had a big glass of chocolate milk made with cocoa powder, maple syrup, and a little vitamin C thrown in for good measure.
    Lunch: the last of the taco meat turned into nachos. I added lettuce and tomato to make mine a salad. But it was mostly nachos.
    Dinner: Turkey & Swiss beans with pan gravy to go with it all (Hubs will take leftovers in his lunch tomorrow).

  15. I would love to know how you make your chicken. It sounds different and delicious.

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