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Share your Pantry Challenge

Are you taking the Pantry Challenge?

The Pantry Challenge is a concentrated time to eat down your food storage, rotating stock, saving money, and practicing good old-fashioned “make-do” skills.

If you’ve blogged about it, we’d love to be able to read your post! Leave your link below, but please be sure to link back here so folks know where to find the party.

If you’re not blogging, but would like to give us an update, please leave a comment below. We’d love to know how it’s going for you and if you need any help.

Lastly, if you’re just tuning in and want to know what all the chatter is about, check out this post: Pantry Challenge 2014.

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  1. Have a question:

    When checking my pantry I came across a 12oz container of cultured buttermilk. Its powdered – ingredients read: “A cultured blend of sweet cream churned buttermilk, sweet dairy whey and lactic acid. Its still sealed and the expiration date is May 2013. Is it still good and have anyone of you out there used powdered buttermilk? I’d love to use it rather than buy buttermilk (which is an expensive item on my fixed income). My daughter’s husband makes their butter but uses the buttermilk all the time in his cornbreads and cooking. When I bought it (I was working at a good paying job) in a “healthy food store”, the price didn’t matter – it was about $6.

    • Hmmm, that seems a little long. As a last ditch effort, I would call the company in the morning and see what they say.

    • Sarah Taylor says:

      I make my own buttermilk. Take a pint of whole milk and add a tablespoon of acid – lemon juice, vinegar or cream of tartar. Leave for a few minutes and use. Works a treat in soda bread.

      This is much cheaper than buying buttermilk.

      • I do this for baking, but haven’t found it to be successful for dressings. Have you?

        • Sarah Taylor says:

          I wouldn’t trust my made up buttermilk in a dressing – that might be just me though! Then again I’ve never tried any buttermilk in a dressing. I’ll give it a go – how bad can it be?!

    • I have tried powdered buttermilk and found it isn’t the same. I tried to make salad dressing with it and it was horrible. I bought the powdered stuff once and never again. Since it has cultures in it and it is expired, I would pitch it.

      • Thanks for the advice – its going out today as its out once a week garbage pickup. I’m also going through my refrigerator and pitching anything that has gone over the expiration date. My big once a month grocery delivery is coming on Wednesday so it will give me a chance to wipe down the refrigerator shelves. I spend NO MORE than $135 a month on food, not counting the paper products, cleaning supplies and personal items, plus the $7 delivery fee. Then all I need to purchase throughout the month is a bit of fresh veggies and fruits and milk. The delivery coming on Wednesday will come to about $90 in groceries and about $75 in paper, cleaning, cat food and litter. that will give me $60 for the months fresh items. I thank goodness my daughter and her family have 6 chickens that each lay an egg a day so I can get 6 eggs every couple of weeks, this is a big savings in my budget since fresh, free-range eggs are getting very expensive.

    • nia hanna says:

      Does your can say “best by” or “use by”. I know I sometimes confuse the two. It’s worth double checking. If you’re not able to use it, because it is expired, do you know anyone that makes handmade soap? If so, they may be able to take it off your hands, it shouldn’t do any harm in soap mixture.

  2. I just love your blog. I started a pantry the day after Christmas and so far have only spent £10.06 today and that was on fruit for school lunches. I’ve checked my bank account and now realise that I have already completed the first week my money comes in on the 26th of each month and it looks very likely I’ll have £300 left. That NEVER happens! I discovered your blog back last September and I’m sure your the reason I’m doing so well. I have always cooked my own food as a family of 6 I have to. I am learning so much from you, thank you so much for taking the time to write the meal plans and the dressing recipes and the…. I could go on forever

  3. I’ve only bought milk and eggs and an obscene amount of yogurt on closeout ($.15 for a 25 oz container!) I’ve spent about $15. Made granola to go with the yogurt, muffins for breakfast, fried rice for church potluck lunch and stone soup (affectionately called Garbage Can Soup in my home) for dinner with fresh bread and crudités. Menu already planned out for the next week and I think I’ll just need some salad fixins and bananas!

  4. I am going to try my own version of he a Pantry Challenge. I got a rare opportunity to go to Costco without the kids and I really stocked up. I have spent most of my allotted grocery money for the month except $45. Except for milk and any fresh fruit or veggies needed, I am going to try and go the rest of the month eating down my pantry, freezers and fridge. Does this count?? 🙂 Once a month kinda shopping I guess! in the end, if I make it with only spending my pre set amount, I will have still saved a bunch of money compared to months past!

  5. I’m doing the challenge, but have not blogged about it yet. I find your daily updates great motivation and inspiration. Our freezers are much more manageable and I hope to get them looking lean and mean in the coming weeks.
    Thanks for the great blog! It is one of my favorites.

  6. I’m blogging about my attempts at the Pantry Challenge here:

  7. Jessica You are amazing ~ i am doing the pantry challenge and dietbet? Wheres my head but i intend to be successful … my husband is helping me with cooking. Praise the Lord… i have only spent $25 so far i am feeding 3 teen boys and my husband & i. Jessica your meals are amazing. I am getting the juicer out so that will be an expense but krogers sells a 20lb bag of carrots for next to nothing and ill find some cheap apples and the boys will be happy ill add kale or spinach to mine. Jessica keep up the good work ~ i have no idea how u do everything you do!

  8. Things are going well here. I got milk, some bread and produce this weekend.

    This morning, we had waffles from the freezer and some sausage.

    Tonight I am making ham and spinach quiche with leftover ham from Christmas. And banana bread, from many, many bananas I have stocked in the freezer before they could go bad.

    I am not sure about this week. We are having a cold snap so I am sure we will have 3 bean chili and cornbread one day. And I have a whole 9×13 pan full of sliced turkey from the 2nd turkey I cooked after Thanksgiving. So I think we will have turkey, gravy and stuffing one day.

    Breakfasts are usually oatmeal, eggs and toast, freezer pancakes or waffles, or parfaits with homemade yogurt and frozen fruit.

    Lunches are leftovers or sandwiches with fruit and veg.

  9. Vanessa B says:

    Well it’s early morning of Day Seven ad I’ve been to the store twice spending about $38 and we’ve had a few meals “out” with lots of leftovers. I haven’t cleared out as much stuff as l would like to but after my husband and I discussing money flow for the next month it may be a blessing. I have a strong feeling that I’ll be continuing the pantry challenge through the month and a little into February.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I will try to join and start a blog
    Feel welcome to add me to your list 🙂
    bye, Claudia

  11. In the first week, we only spent 10 dollars! This week is going to be more, because we’ve run out of some staples (coffee creamer, fresh veggies), but we definitely have enough excess stuff in the freezer and pantry to do this challenge for a couple months. 🙂

  12. I started a pantry challenge and did not know about this one. Just read of it today. I am linking up. I just recently started following your blog. Regarding the conversation about dry buttermilk above, I use dry buttermilk in baking a lot. You can also save a considerable amount on buttermilk by making homemade buttermilk with liquid buttermilk and milk. See my post about that here:

  13. I just got back from our second trip to the grocery store. Our spending this month is 62% less then we spent last month at the same time. It’s incredible. Here’s our tale:


  1. […] Our groceries for the month to date: $137. I’m beyond thrilled. Last month at this point, we had already spent a whopping $361! We’re spending 62% LESS just by eating the food we already have! It’s crazy to think and I owe a huge thank you to Good Cheap Eats for inspiring me to do the pantry challenge. […]

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