Pantry Challenge 2014: Day Seven

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This month I’m doing a Pantry Challenge. For two weeks, I’m focusing on using up what we have to save money and time and to reduce waste.

Pantry Challenge 2014: Day Seven

Where did the day go? It seems like I just woke up. But, it was a good day. I hit the gym like I hoped. School was done by 2. We ate well. No complaints here — except that I’m woefully behind on work stuff.

This morning we were all out of milk. That hinders life in the FishHouse. I know that other people don’t drink much, but we easily go through 5 gallons a week — more if we have cereal. We were low on eggs, yogurt, and bread, too. So the granola and fruit I put out didn’t get gobbled down with as much gusto as they might otherwise.

For my part, I ate leftover spaghetti squash and tomato sauce for breakfast. Yes, really.

At lunch time, I made Pizzadillas for most of the kids. Recipe coming soon. It’s basically a pizza and quesadilla smash-up. I cut up a bunch of apples and oranges and there were no leftovers. FishBoy16 and I ate my leftover Cajun pasta from date night. That was pretty darn good. Gonna recreate that soon.

Pantry Challenge 2014: Day Seven

After school FishBoy13 and I went to the store. I had scanned all the new grocery ads and decided that there is no sale thing that we really “need”. Eggs, milk, and yogurt rarely go on sale. We went to Ralphs since I have the best luck of getting eggs on clearance. But, no such luck this week. We bought conventional eggs for $2/dozen instead. Before we left I checked Ralphs’ Facebook coupons and found a “buy$45, get $5 off” coupon. I didn’t think we needed that much stuff, but decided to make the most of it while we were there. I got milk, eggs, yogurt, flour, and some fruit/veg to last us for the rest of the Challenge. I spent $40-something after the coupon, so I still have about $26 in case we really need something between now and next Wednesday.

For dinner hubs grilled some Dijon Chicken over the fire pit. He’s been talking about doing that for awhile. It added a really nice smoky flavor. I roasted mixed vegetables (potatoes, mushrooms, garlic, shallots, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots) in the oven and mixed up a salad.

It was a good day.

Breakfast: Granola, Fruit, leftovers

Snack: Popcorn, Cheese and Crackers,  Fruit

Lunch: Pizzadillas, Fruit, leftovers

Dinner: Grilled Mustard Chicken, Roast Veggies, Salad

Pantry ChallengeThis post is a part of the Pantry Challenge where we’re trying to save money on food by using up what we have. I’ll be posting daily updates on how the challenge is going.

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  1. I feel like today flew by as well. I have had a minor car problem that had needed to be fixed for months and I decided to bite the bullet and drop it off to be fixed. So that took out two hours after work. I knew I would be doing this so I fixed a (modified) crockpot recipe we had never had before in order to have dinner as soon as I got home. Unfortunately it was a flop. Seriously 🙁 it was no bueno. My husband who was in the army and spent time over seas who will eat anything wouldn’t eat it… So homemade pizza was the backup plan…

    Breakfast: boiled egg and a donut since one I my coworkers brought some to work
    Lunch: salad (me) pot pie (hubs)
    Dinner: homemade pizza….

    I’m thinking the plan for tomorrow is to pull everything out of the icebox that needs to be eaten an do a mini buffet. Then I’ll start from scratch on Thursday. Also my back is feeling much better. (Though not 100%) hopefully I’ll be back to normal by Thursday

    • Heather M says:

      SO glad to hear your back is improving! I think I’m working out for you, subconsciously. This week, so far I’ve been pushing long and hard at the gym. I think thanks are in order! 🙂

      Also, I hate it when a slow cooker recipe flops. But I think it happens to all of us. They can end up flavorless, blah, weird, and there’s no way to salvage it like when you’re cooking on the stovetop. Good move having a back-up plan!

      • There are some really scary slow cooker recipes out there. #justsaying

        • Also this recipe was from a slow cooker blog that I LOVE… I’ve don’t tons of recipes from there, but you cant win them all. I’m just happy that I had a back up plan… Pizza is always a back up plan

      • Good for you Heather. I have a doctors apt tomorrow morning so hopefully I will get the release to go back to the gym…. Just keep working girl… You’ve got this!!

  2. B: oatmeal and milk for daughter, yoghurt and granola for husband an myself. We are out of granola, so I will make some more to have with the rest of the yoghurt.
    L: rye bread with egg and curry heering ( a Danish specialty :)) for daughter. Leftover pizza and a piece of rye bread for me.
    Dinner: Chili sin carne with rice for husband and daughter. I had a meeting and had dinner + dessert there. We are usually fed really well at the meetings, but this time it was over the top! Prime rib, baked potato, sauce béarnaise and peas! YUM 🙂

  3. Breakfast: Hootenanny pancake (out of milk so subbed pumpkin eggnog-yummy!), applesauce, small bottle of syrup from Cracker Barrel that I found in the pantry.

    Lunch: Leftover sausage with peppers, onions and tomatoes with rice

    Supper: Crockpot taco soup, cheese and sour cream, olives

    Should have enough soup for at least one more meal. My husband’s parents are coming for a visit this weekend so I may need to do a small grocery run to have a bit more variety on hand for company. They eat differently than we do and much of what I have a lot of, they don’t like! Definitely want them to enjoy the food-LOL!

  4. Day 7: Breakfast: Eggs and toast, lunch was falafel in pitas with tabouleh, and for dinner we had various leftovers which took care of the bean soup and the baked ziti. I’ll have to cook something tonight, though. I’m also low on eggs and a few other things so I might need to shop today.

  5. Vanessa B says:

    B- Cranberry Carrot and Orange zest Muffins
    L- Spaghetti Os, strawberry applesauce and sandwich for the kids, Ham and cheese melt for me
    D- pork chops, green beans, cheesy broccoli, baked potato, and dill bread
    Dessert- boys had last of the cake, I had a White Russian

    The kids didn’t fill up from the spaghetti Os for lunch which is why they also ate a sandwich. These boys are only 2 and 5 and already surprising me by their food requirements.
    The pork chops under the broiler were tasty but dry, which made them “just right” for my husband’s liking. There are 3 leftover which will be reincarnated later this week into a very quick fried rice.
    The pizzadillas look great, I think we’ll have those for lunch today.

    • Vanessa B says:

      Today is the Grand Opening of Sprouts in Overland Park, it’s going to be hard to stay away. :/

      • Three of my babies were born in Overland Park!

        • Vanessa B says:

          I live in Olathe, and Overland Park is next door. One of my boys was born at Overland Park Regional. I loved your post about your kitchens, glad Kansas left a good impression.
          Now the we have a Sprouts I need a little help with what TO buy there and what NOT to buy .

  6. Day 7:
    Breakfast: Banana bread, milk and fresh raspberries
    Lunch: Me and my husband had roast beef salad made from the LO roast from yesterday on toasted buns with tossed salad; kids had LO chicken tenders and tossed salad
    Dinner: Chili with biscuits and cheese and crackers

    The first week of the pantry challenge has gone well. In the meat department, we are down to a couple pounds of ground beef, a pound of diced cooked chicken and about 2 pounds of ham left over from Christmas along with a ham bone ( sounds like it is time for a pot of ham and beans with corn bread). We have enough rice, pasta and potatoes for our starches next week and plenty of baking supplies. So the only thing we will need to buy is some fresh fruit and a gallon of milk. The kids asked me to make some freezer pancakes so that is next on the baking list. Is it just me or do you get mixed emotions when you look in the freezer and cupboard and see open space. Part of me likes to see that we are eating down what we have and part of me starts to get a bit nervous.

    • It is hard for me sometimes to see empty shelves. I think I take some comfort/security from stocking up on food. But, then, God has never let us go hungry, even in the worst of times, so I have to hang onto that.

  7. Stephanie M. says:

    B – Hubby had oatmeal and clementines. I bought a crate of clementines about two weeks ago and we are eating them really quickly now so they don’t go bad; only four left. I had a slice of raisin cinnamon toast and a fat free Greek yogurt.

    L – I had bought a very small Hormel ham a few months ago for the sole purpose of using it for sandwiches. Since I ran out of cold cuts, I defrosted it and sliced it up and Hubby took a ham sandwich with some Swiss cheese that I had and the last of the cheese doodles. I had a salad and a lite multi-grain wasa crisp.

    D – Hubby had a business dinner so it was only me and I made myself the same sandwich he had for lunch.

    During the afternoon, I was in the mood to bake so I made some baked oatmeal for tomorrow’s breakfast. I never heard of this before until I was reading all of your posts and saw that Jessie had it for breakfast yesterday. I looked up a recipe on line and found one that looked good and made it which is good because I found that I have quite a bit of oatmeal in my pantry so I was able to use some up. The house smelled so good and it was so cozy especially since the wind was blowing furiously outside. We’ll see tomorrow how it came out.

  8. Day 7 –
    Breakfast – Chocolate chip banana bread
    Lunch – Turkey sandwiches and cut up fruit
    Dinner – Veggie soup with pesto mozzarella grilled cheese sandwiches

    The soup really hit the spot yesterday with the high only getting to 2 degrees and the wind howling all day! Enough leftover for lunch tomorrow.

  9. It was really cold in the Sunshine State. We are not accustomed to temps in the teens and twenties down here!!!
    For breakfast, hubs had scrambled eggs & hashbrowns, and a smoothie. I had a smoothie and a piece of fresh French bread. We were out of milk, so I made ds#3 a cup of hot chocolate using some powdered milk and a splash of cream for the smooth richness (yeah… I know… we have cream but not milk. He never knew.)

    For lunch, the guys headed to school, while I stayed home to prep for my out-of-town trip. Hubs’ lunchbox had a ham & cheese sandwich, chips, and applesauce. Ds#3 had homemade mac’n’cheese leftovers in a thermos, veggie sticks, and homemade larabar. I treated myself to soup and sandwich.

    For dinner, we had BREAKFAST! A pot of hot cheese grits, scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Everybody was full, happy, and warm.

  10. I love your deal on broccoli and cauliflower. Ive been roasting my veggies before i use them even for soup and it makes a huge difference …. i love them …

  11. B: apple-cinnamon oatmeal for the kids, scrambled eggs for the parents

    L: hot dogs and spinach nuggets for kids, greek yogurt and mixed nuts for parents

    D: black bean soup/black bean burritos & steamed broccoli

    For snacks, we had homemade bread with hummus, green smoothies and trail mix.

    We still have so much food in our house. I have a number of roasts and a box of ground beef in the freezer (we bulk-order beef from a local farm), a whole chicken, a bag of chicken breasts and of wings, a pound of Italian sausage, a bag of shrimp, a couple cod fillets and lots of fruits and vegetables. In the pantry are dried lentils (brown, red and green), pinto beans and great northern beans. We are low on whole wheat flour and out of baking soda. Other than that, baking supplies are well-stocked, especially oats (quick and regular). I didn’t even realize HOW MUCH food we had before doing this challenge. Our family could subsist on it for quite some time, with the occasional purchase of produce and dairy.

  12. Today went well…third snow day in a row. Hoping for school tomorrow, but we got a chance to visit Great Grandma before she heads home tomorrow. Lunch was at Grandma’s, but breakfast and dinner were from the pantry/freezer and liked by all. Got some great deals on yogurt when I shopped today, so I hope that will be a good snack to alternate with some of the less desirable things we are going to eat up this week.

  13. Heather M says:

    Day 7 was freezing here, but good.

    Breakfast: cereal, turkey sausage, egg, blackberries (depending on who)
    Lunch: lunchbox fare for kids (turkey or salami sandwich, fruit, pistachios, crackers, cheese squares, etc.); hubs grabbed something at work (bad planning on my part); I had leftover Chile con Carne (perfect for a cold day) and raw cauliflower w/a light dip
    Dinner: defrosted some ground turkey and made a yummy asian turkey for either lettuce wraps or over rice (most opted for over rice), green salad w/tomatoes, apple slices

    so much food in this house. my modified version keeps us going well, with lots of fresh food. Just hoping to keep within my declared, but not required, budget.

  14. Breakfast: cereal
    Lunch: L/O bean soup
    Snack: cheese and crackers
    Dinner: steak, baked potato, green beans

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