How Much Did the Pantry Challenge Save YOU?

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One of you lovely Good Cheap Eaters made the point that collectively we saved a ton of money and prevented a lot of food from going to waste during the Pantry Challenge. That is so true! We each can do only so much on our own, but I’m guessing we’d be astonished what we did together.

So, I would love it if you would fill out this little form. Let us know how much you saved on the pantry challenge. Please leave your email so that 1. I know that you’re a real person, and 2. I can contact you about the next pantry challenge.

I’ll post the results next week, sharing a total of all we saved together. I can’t wait to see!

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  1. This is an interesting question. I saved nearly $175 on groceries for the month. But should I include what we saved not eating fast food, take out, delivery, my husband’s lunches. This takes a bit more calculating….. I would say my husband saved an additional $30 on his lunches and we only had delivery once saving at least $50. Let’s call it $255.

  2. My total is not too impressive (just $50) as I came quite late to the challenge this month. But – I am continuing through February, so hopefully even though the challenge is done for purposes of the totals for the blog, my totals will ultimately be a bit more impressive. We generally spend about $550/month…I’m shooting for about $250 instead.

    • $50 is pretty great! Keep on keeping on.

    • @Sarah, I actually did some stocking up due to some exceptional sales here. With those purchases I still came out about $50 ahead and will be doing this in February too. Our monthly bill has also been about $550 and I’m also hoping for about $250 next month. I’m going to allow purchases of items we always use if the prices are crazy good, but nothing “experimental” or beyond basics. I can make almost anything I want with what is here now.

  3. I am roughly estimating that I saved about $250. I don’t have a definitive monthly budget, but I only went shopping twice this month and usually my bill is at least $125 weekly. We hosted a party last weekend, if it wasn’t for that I would have saved a lot more.

  4. I loved this challenge. I feel good about cleaning out my freezer and using up some of the bits and partial containers of this and that. lol. I got creative and made some desserts I’ve never tried before using up some of my staples I had stashed away. I am estimating I saved around $85 for the month.

  5. I can’t say I saved any money, BUT I didn’t spend any more than normal. What I did do was “get rid of” some foods that were hanging around languishing in my freezer and pantry. By not doing my normal shopping I was able to take advantage of some sales and end up stocking up on a few items that would have been “extras”. For my first time taking part in the pantry challenge, I’m satisfied. Looking forward to the next one as our garden will be in full swing 🙂

  6. I saved about $75.00 this month. But what I can’t put a price on is the confidence and creativity I gain through this challenge. I went through my kitchen and inventoried all items, this included the freezer. I did throw out some frozen foods, which was freeing also. There is no sense in thinking that I have fish in the freezer, but yet it is inedible. I live 5 mins from my local grocery store, so it is easy to just jump in the car to pick up ‘a few things’. I refused to do that in Jan and plan to continue. Not all my meals were successful, but live and learn! 🙂

  7. Hah! So now you want me to corral all those receipts too? 🙂

    I normally do ‘the finances’ on Saturday, but the whole month of Saturdays was crazy, so I’m way behind. Well, it’s on my to do list for today. Thanks for yet another helpful push in the right direction.

  8. I mentioned in a comment a week or so ago that our challenge was more focused on NOT eating out. So, while I did stop by the store a couple of times, I also made very good use of what I already had at home. The freezer and pantry are noticably less stocked. I didn’t keep a total on groceries bought but I can tell you that we saved about $300 by cooking in and mostly using what we had on-hand. Thanks for the challenge, encouragement and inspiration!!!

  9. I think I saved around $400. I’m including the $$ I normally spend on eating out, which is the biggest part of that savings. I live alone so I eat out way too much but this year I ate down my pantry, my fridge and most definitely my freezer! But I think what I got most out of this was so much more than monetary savings it was the incredible sense of accomplishment I felt for sticking with it and learning that I have way to much. It’s made me a better planner and shopper as well….

  10. I’m sure I saved us at least $600. ANd the hubby rarely bought lunch at work plus we rarely did takeout or restaurant meals. It was probably more $ ultimately, but since I typically don’t track every penny, it’s hard to say. If you include all the other savings, maybe more like $750? But I’ll call it for $600.

  11. I am sure we saved several hundred, but more than anything, we cleared out the old and made room for the new. In fact, we extended it and are still doing it.

    Looking forward to the next one.


  12. I think we only saved about $80, but ah, the space! It is so good to not have things tumble out at me when I open my one little cabinet.

    In fact, I think I’ll keep this up for a while. I just made my Feb. meal plan, and we have plenty to last this month too. I’m enjoying the added cooking & the money I have been spending on groceries goes to better food like a crop share and organic dairy.

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