Pantry Challenge, Day 14: Stuffed Focaccia!

Inspiration hit this morning when I realized the kids ate a whole loaf of bread for breakfast. It was either bake more bread or let them eat crackers at lunchtime. I made focaccia again and this time stuffed it with salami, pepperoni, and string cheese. Super, super yummy and several requests to make it again. I also experimented with other stuffings, like Brie, tapenade, and sundried tomatoes – splurges since way before Christmas that were languishing in the fridge. Oh my! Talk about decadence.

Me thinks me likes this pantry challenge.

Breakfast: toast
Lunch: Stuffed Focaccia,apple slices, green salad
Dinner: Chimichangas

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  1. Tammy Rinehart says:

    did you make individual breads when you stuffed them? Have you frozen these?

    • In the process of tweaking and refining this recipe for my cookbook. But, yes, I made individual stuffed breads and froze them after they were baked.

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