Quick Meat Sauce for Pasta

Quick Meat Sauce for Pasta - Stir up a pot of this quick meat sauce that is perfect on spaghetti or other pasta. Quick to prepare and freezer-friendly, it

Stir up a pot of this quick meat sauce that is perfect on spaghetti or other pasta. Quick to prepare and freezer-friendly, it’s a great addition to your meal rotation. Pasta is a regular go-to meal at our house, particularly when all other meal plans fly out the window. I almost always have a couple […]

Alfredo Mac and Cheese

Alfredo Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is a classic comfort food, particularly for these cold winter months. Try this version that has a garlicky, Alfredo twist. I’ve been making Mac and Cheese from scratch for a really long time. I’ve been making Fettucine Alfredo for just as long. This winter, I decided to make the ultimate smash-up. The […]

Slow Cooker Beef Ragu with Mushrooms and Peppers

Slow Cooker Beef Ragu with Mushrooms and Peppers - Wow your guests with this simple slow cooker ragu made of chuck steak, peppers, mushrooms, and rich tomato sauce.

Wow your dinner guests with this simple yet filling ragu. It’s quick and easy which allows you to pull out the stops for presentation and side dishes. I’m sometimes so amazingly stunned by the beauty of the slow cooker. It seems illogical that you can dump a bunch of things in a pot and come […]

Make a Big Batch of Sauce to Freeze

Homemade pasta sauce can be a weekly treat if you make a big batch at one time and freeze it in dinner-size portions. When my husband and I prepared for a one income lifestyle fifteen years ago, my grocery habits had to change. We spent more as DINKS than we do now to feed a […]

Quick Sunflower Seed Butter Noodle Stirfry

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Sunbutter acts as a great replacement for peanut in this quick noodle stirfry. Quick, easy, and oh-so good! This recipe is by far one of the quickest to pull together. Not only does it use up little bits of leftovers in your fridge, but it’s quick to prepare and it tastes great. As part of […]

Chick Food for Bachelor’s Day (Recipe: Tortellini Pasta Salad)

Cheese & Fruit Plate

Leap Day, also known as Bachelor’s Day, was traditionally an occasion for turning the tables. Women were free to propose to men. As such, I propose a day of “chick food” and this Tortellini Pasta Salad. Believe it or not, Leap Day, February 29th has also been known as Bachelor’s Day. Somewhere along the line, […]

Tortellini Soup with Sausage and Vegetables

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This whole produce box thing is really giving me a workout. And I don’t mean just lugging it from car to kitchen. I have met some vegetables and fruits in real life that I never knew existed! Well, I take that back. I knew they existed. But, not in my kitchen. Sorrel? Yu choy? Turnips? […]

Fresh Basil and Garlic Chive Lasagne

Fresh Chive and Basil Lasagne

Enjoy delicious, healthy real food with this easy make-ahead lasagne. It’s very freezer-friendly, so make more than one. We’ve really enjoyed our first two weeks of fresh produce from the organic co-op we subscribed to. Yum! It’s given me all kinds of motivation to be creative in the kitchen. The first week I had bundles […]

Cilantro Shrimp Pasta

Shrimp and Cilantro Pasta

The other night I was looking for a dish that was light and refreshing. And preferably one that was going to supplement some of the vitamins and minerals I seem to be deficient of. Shrimp, a source of vitamin D, sounded great and I had plenty of fresh cilantro to experiment with. While some of […]

Cilantro Couscous Salad

cilantro couscous

Salad season is upon us! While I love hearty stews and filling potato dishes, the approach of abundant sunshine and warmer weather makes me crave fresh vegetables and lighter fare. But, at the same time, I have five men in the family to feed, so I need to serve something with substance. The new season […]