Pumpkin Coffeecake with Pepitas

Last winter I found canned organic pumpkin for 50 cents a can. I stocked up and thereby provided myself with dozens of cans. Dozens. We can eat pumpkin until the cows come home.

And we just might.

But, my stash won’t last long if I make things like this Pumpkin Coffeecake. Kind of a combination of coffeecake and pumpkin pie, this cake is rich and moist and very flavorful. The pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and sugar crumb top add a nice crunch totally in keeping with the theme of the cake.

Why have I never thought to use pepitas in pumpkin baked goods before?

Well, nuts are delicious, that’s why! You could easily substitute your favorite kind of chopped nut for the pepitas. But since we have a nut allergy in our family, we’re sticking with pumpkin seeds.

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  1. I absolutely love pumpkin desserts, and yours looks sooooo delicious!

  2. Yummy I LOVE pumpkin!!! I had the opposite problem I didn’t stock up and have been wanting some but haven’t been able to find it until now!

  3. Thanks for hosting again – looks like you got some nice recipes linked up. 🙂

  4. That looks totally yummy. I may have to exercise some self-restraint to not top that with cream cheese frosting, however.

  5. I’m curious. How do you get the pepitas? Are you shelling the pumpkin seeds? Do they need to be roasted first? I’m asking because I hate throwing the seeds away, but my kids haven’t liked them in the shells. I was hoping maybe they would eat them as pepitas.

  6. I just scored pumpkin for 25 cents a can at my Aldi and bought as many as I could squeeze into the weekly budget. I have been searching out recipes to use it. This looks yummy!

  7. Yum! I made 2 of these tonight to have with breakfast tomorrow AM (we have company in town). Very good. I did experiment with one and added probably at least 1/2 cup of raisins to the batter (I just dumped what was left of bag). Good either way! Love the crunch of the pepitas! Ha, ha. Everyone else was in bed or not home so I got the first slice. 😉

  8. Can’t wait to make this! Wondering if you thought It would turn out alright if I made the batter the night before, put it in the fridge overnight (in the baking dish), and popped it in the oven the next morning? Thanks for the great recipes and menu plans!!!

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