Blueberry Nutmeg Muffins


Got blueberries? Then you’ll got a great breakfast treat in store. Since I’m building menus based on what I’ve already got in the freezer or cupboard, I decided that a little berrymaking was in order. I have a huge bag of frozen berries from Costco ready to be put to good work.

We’ve made smoothies several times this summer and now these are going to be a repeat attraction, thanks to the baking mix I whipped up the other morning. I prefer to make my own baking mixes rather than buying them from the store. I’m practically bereft without a few bags of pancake, muffin, waffle, or cornbread mix on hand.

The nutmeg adds a little spicy warmth without overpowering the blueberries. These muffins mix up quickly and freeze beautifully after baking. So, go make a batch — or two.

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  1. yum, just took them out of the oven! I wanted to make blueberry muffins, your timing was perfect!

  2. PERFECT timing. I just went blueberry picking and need some good recipes for my scrumptious blue gems.

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