Mediterranean Steak Salad

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You know me, I love a good salad. And this one was a winner with grilled beef, dark leafy greens, whole grain couscous, onions, tomatoes, and garbanzo beans, drizzled with a yogurt-dill dressing? Yum!

Taste wise, this was fantastic. But, work wise, it was even better. The beef works well as a freezer meal component. Couscous takes 5 minutes to prepare.

Watch this video to see how easy it is:

The other salad ingredients came together in a snap. How could you go wrong?

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  1. Jennifer says

    Hey! I was wondering if you have any cooking suggestions for cooking a sirloin steak indoors if you are without a grill? Would you cook a sirloin in the oven or would you cook in a skillet on the stove top? Your recipe sounds so good! Thank you!

    • Jessica says

      @Jennifer, hmmm…. well, even when we lived in Kansas, we grilled outside whenever we could. But, you can get what’s called a grill pan. It’s especially designed for grilling indoors. Otherwise, you could sear it in a very hot pan. Just be sure not to overcook it.

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