Easy Chicken and Cheese Flautas

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 This post is part of the DIY Convenience Foods series where we’re unpacking those fun foods that we just grab at the store or fast food restaurant. We’re making them cheaper or healthier — or both.

Easy Chicken Flautas | Good Cheap Eats

When my sisters and I were young, my mom was always very gracious with her kitchen. It was never any problem for us to go cook or bake something. We were expected to clean up our mess, but Mom was pretty lenient even in that regard.

During junior high or high school, my sister Jamie and I started making flautas, based on a recipe we found in a magazine. The original contained cooked chicken, shredded cheddar, and prepared-picante-sauce-not-from-New-York-City. The filling was rolled into fried corn tortillas and baked in the oven.

We loved them. And made them often.

However, since my husband doesn’t love prepared-picante-sauce-not-from-New-York-City and I think it’s too expensive to pay for, I’ve created this version that is better for us and just as tasty.

Enter Foodology:

These look like taquitos, don’t they? I always thought that taquitos were made from corn tortillas and flautas from flour. But, The Food Lover’s Companion has no listing whatsoever for taquito, and instead defines flauta as the corn tortilla rolled around a savory filling and fried. Wikipedia disagrees somewhat. For argument’s sake, I’m calling these flautas.

Chicken and Cheese Flautas | Good Cheap Eats

Making it yourself

Preparing the dish, whatever you want to call it, is not difficult. Soften corn tortillas in hot oil, fill them with a mixture of cooked chicken, shredded cheese, and spices. Bake in the oven and serve. Super yum.

You can freeze them on a lined tray prior to baking or cool baked ones and freeze those. Either way, you’ve got convenience at your fingertips.

Making it cheaper

You’ll notice in this post the picture of the frozen “chicken and cheese taquitos” that the cost for 15 frozen is $5.49 or $4.49 on sale. That means that they are about 30 cents a piece on sale; or 36 cents when not. (Is my math right today?!)

I used a pound of chicken (1.99); 2 cups of cheese ($1.00); 18 tortillas ($1.50) and some spices and oil ($0.25 tops) making these for $4.74/batch or about $0.26 each.

While mine aren’t a ton cheaper than the commercially made frozen ones, I would submit that mine are tastier and healthier for you. Don’t you think? I used boneless, skinless chicken, Tillamook sharp cheese, Mission tortillas, and sunflower oil.

I’m convinced that these were better quality for the money, the biggest bang for your buck. That’s kinda how I roll.

Chicken and Cheese Flautas

Want to make more? Try these Beef Taquitos.

diy-convenience-150This is part of the DIY Convenience Foods series.

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  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I really appreciate how you show that good, healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to make. These chicken flautas will now be part of my meal plans. Thank you.

  2. KimH says

    Yum! I have a Pasture Raised Baked Chicken that i needed to “do something” with the leftovers.. I just found the perfect thing. 🙂 I also have corn tortillas & everything else.. Staples in the frig, you know. 😉
    Thanks for sharing this.. I like eating them but I’ve never made them.. looking forward to it!
    Have a great day!

  3. These look and sound amazing! And as someone who can’t eat the ‘frozen seasoned’ yummies from the grocery store I very much appreciate this recipe! My kids are gonna love this too! Thanks! 😀

  4. Kristin says

    What a great addition to our Taco Tuesday rotation. I am sure these would be great made with any leftover carnitas or shredded beef as well? I love recipes that you can use up what you have! Thanks Jessica!

  5. Michelle K says

    I have some left over spicy pulled pork that I’m going to use for this !!!! Yummo!!!!

  6. Oh goodness. I think every time I go shopping, I pick up a box of these… and put it right back into the freezer from whence it came. Thanks so much for the recipe. These will be a hit around here. Meat, corn tortillas, cheese…. always a winner.

  7. Claire says

    These have been on my to do list for a long time! Lol. Maybe now I will get to them?? Ya never know. Even if they cost more than store bought, I wouldn’t mind at all. They wont have any unknown ingredients. That is worth every penny.

  8. I agree with you on the definition of taquitos and flautas…but whatever we call them, I’m going to make these this weekend! Or for tomorrow night’s dinner!

  9. Vanessa B says

    Tried these tonight, they were a little more work than I had planned for, but totally worth it. The husband already requested them for next week. Delicious!

  10. Jill says

    These look so good!
    Just out of curiosity though, I know you mentioned the corn versus flour tortillas – would they be ok being made with flour tortillas instead? That’s usually what we buy around here, but I would get corn if you don’t think flour would work.

    • I don’t know about baking times, but yes. Flour tortillas are really tasty in these.

  11. Jen says

    I make these often. A black bean/cream cheese/cilantro filling is also delicious.

  12. Ellen says

    Is there any reason why it wouldn’t work to just brush the tortillas with oil before baking instead of frying them? I’m looking to save a step. 🙂

  13. Ellen says

    Oh, and the recipe says 14 teaspoon pepper. I’m sure you meant 1/4 t., but I thought I’d tell you.

  14. Cristina says

    i have a question. can i fry them instead of baked? i dont have an oven

    • My sister says you can, but I never have. She uses tongs and just turns them in the hot oil. Leave out the cheese, though.

      • Debbie says

        I have always fried these (with the cheese) and they come out fine but oh my, this way is faster, easier and crispier! Thanks for a great recipe!!

  15. Jackie says

    My husband and I made these together tonight. It was a lot of fun after the kids went to bed! 🙂 However, I turned the oven to 475 like the directions say, but after the first 9 minutes the edges of the tortillas had already turned dark brown. We didn’t even attempt to put them back in for the second 10 minutes. Did we maybe fry the tortillas too much before the oven?

  16. Daniel says

    Instead of frying your tortilla. You could heat your tortilla up in a microwave then roll them. When heating them up in your microwave wrap them up with a damp towl or put then a container so they don’t dry out. I usually will do about 1/4 of the bag at a time. Heat 1min. Then flip and do another min. They will be hot. But you can roll them and they will not tear. Works on both corn and flour tortilla.

    • This strategy works well for enchiladas, but I’m not sure it would work for the flautas since the oil helps them crisp up when you bake them.

      • Nic says

        The way you make flautas is the same way you make enchiladas. The only real difference is the sauce process. At least that’s how my nana and my mom taught me to make them. I’ve never tried baking them in the oven. I’m definitely going to try it because it has to be way better than pan frying it the whole way.

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