Cocoa Brownies

Cocoa Brownies | Life as MOMCocoa Brownies baked in mini muffin tins. Just adjust your baking time.

I love brownies. But, frankly I consider it ridiculous what they charge for a box of brownie mix. I rarely even find it worth the price with a coupon. Instead I make my own mixes. I make several at once to stash in the pantry. But, this recipe is just as delicious mixed fresh, too. You get to choose.

We tried it this week with marshmallows and chocolate chips stirred in. I wasn’t sure what would happen. I can now safely report that it’s not a great idea. They kind of melt and don’t give it that rocky road texture I was hoping for.

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  1. I had a recipe that you spread a jar of marshmallow fluff over the warm brownies. And you can top the fluff with chocolate frosting or eat as is. They are rich but really good.

  2. azbaby24 says:

    Ok, so I am not quite getting it. Do you premix and store the dry team in the pantry and then the day of baking, make the the wet team??

  3. FishMama says:

    Yes, you are getting it. You're making your own equivalent of the boxed brownie mix. ;

    • Jessica, I think she’s confused because the recipe says to put the wet team ingredients into a quart size ziploc bag. I think you meant to say the dry team. :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I need a 9×13 size for my family…would you just double the amounts? Thanks

  5. FishMama says:

    Yes, you can double it.

  6. What would be the baking time in the mini muffin tins?

  7. I made some with my daughter today and we tried them when they were still a bit warm and we LOVE them! delish! Definitely going to make up some mixes to have on hand! Thanks!

  8. Yum!!
    I feel a brownie craving coming on!!

  9. I made these tonight for Valentine’s Day and loved them! I was a little apprehensive thinking they might be too rich, but they were great!

  10. I made these tonight at high altitude (8500 ft) and they didn’t need any modifications. Yum! (They came out chewy, just the way I like ’em!)

  11. Thanks for this wonderful shortcut, the brownies were a hit, I have 2 mix waitng in the pantry 😉

  12. I am going to give this a try. I love the idea of saving money with the boxed mixes.

  13. Made these yesterday – so much better than boxed. Even my husband, who hates chocolate, loved them :) Thanks so much for the recipe.

  14. What would you use to substitute for the instant coffee? I have none on hand and am trying to avoid buying extra new groceries because of the pantry challenge!! Thanks!!

  15. I made these the other night and was disappointed… pouring in the wet team made for a huge mud-ball of sorts. I had to basically shape it to fit in the pan; it wasn’t wet enough to settle/pour on it’s own. I verified the recipe to see if I’d done something wrong and it didn’t appear that I missed anything or flip-flopped amounts of ingredients. Nope!
    Took them out at the appropriate time and ate them warm. They tasted delicious, albelit oily. By the time they cooled (and certainly the next day) they were very greasy, and grainy (which made me think “too much sugar”)! I’m going to try again and see what happens… maybe it was just a fluke.

    • Jessica says:

      That does sound odd. I’ve made these hundreds of times. I typically add the dry to the wet and then fold very lightly. You don’t want to over mix. It should be thick, but not like you’re talking about. I hope it turns out better next time.

      • @Jessica,
        Came out completely different the second time. Absolutely perfect.
        The only thing I can think of is the cocoa powder… I used special dark the first time. Not that that should’ve made a difference, but it’s the only “different” item I used.
        We’re headed to a friend’s house for dinner later in the week and I’m totally making a batch of these to take with us. Mmm!

  16. Love the simplicity of this recipe. I have everything in my pantry. I’m going to use carob powder instead of the cocoa. I use it all the time, tastes good. I plan on doubling the recipe for our family of 9 :-) they like to eat, lol. Thank you for the recipe. Loving your series!!!!!

    • Thanks for the great feedback. Sounds yummy!

      • Well…I made them last night. They were going to be our treat during family game night. I mixed the ingredients together & placed them in the oven. I set the timer & proceeded to clean up. About 10 min later i realized I didn’t put any sugar in them!!!! Ugh!! I ran to the oven & sprinkled some candy corn on top, which melted all over the top.

        Out of the 9 of us only my 12 yr old son ate a whole brownie :-) he ate 3. Crazy kid!

        I will be making these again, WITH sugar in the next few weeks 😀

  17. Yay! Free of partially hydrogenated oil!!!!! Gonna keep this in the pantry.

  18. Can’t wait to try this recipe! how many does it make?

  19. These are so good. I love how fast they are to make and I didn’t even have they dry team mixed ahead of time. If I made a mix ahead, I fear it would be much TOO easy for me to indulge more often and at this point, thinking how I just enjoyed the last 3, that could be a bad thing for my body. Anyway thanks for sharing the recipe, it’s definitely a favorite!

  20. “Mom, we’ve got all those bags of brownie mix. Can I make a batch?” Sure! Dessert compliments of the teen tonight! On another note, we must prefer fudgier brownies as I have to add 1/2 cup water to make them perfect for us.—-just fyi for anyone that finds the same thing. :)

    • Water makes the fudgier? I had no idea! Thanks for the tip. Do you omit anything?

      • The box mix we use always called for oil, eggs, & water . . . so I figured it might be safe to add the water—glad I was right and didn’t ruin it. No other changes were made. LOL Glad to return the favor for a change. :)

  21. Like a previous commenter, I attempted this with Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa and ended up with insanely thick batter. I had followed everything to a T, so as for food science I have no idea why it happened. I added enough liquid (milk) to get the batter closer to the texture I thought it should have (a little thicker than a boxed mix, but still spreadable) and increased the bake time. The result was fudgy, incredibly moist, satisfyingly chocolatey brownies that my son declared the best he ever tasted!

    • Well, I’m glad you arrived at the right spot, even if it took a little work to get it there! I had some weird results with other recipes when I used special dark. I wonder why….


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