Whipped Cream – It Goes with Anything

Unless I have a really good coupon, I rarely buy Cool Whip or whipped cream in a can. And even then, I don’t fully enjoy it because I know neither is all that good for you. Since I’m a coffee freak fan, I usually keep whipping cream, instead of half and half on hand.

1 – because it tastes great in coffee
2 – because it’s dual purpose; it works so well in other recipes

And one recipe that I make often is whipped cream. We enjoy it on waffles with fresh fruit. But, we’ve also used it to top chocolate cheesecake, coffee drinks, and a bowl of fresh berries. Since whipped cream doesn’t heat up the kitchen, it’s perfect for summer desserts.

It’s very simple to prepare. Since I use it for a topping for rich desserts, this whipped cream is not very sweet. You can add more sweetener if you prefer.

Whipped Cream
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 Tablespoon sugar, sucanat, honey, or maple syrup

In large mixing bowl (I use my Kitchenaid), whip cream on high speed. Gradually add the sweetener of your choice. Continue beating until soft peaks form.

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