Vegetable – Beef Minestrone Soup

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Minestrone soup, chock full of veggies, beans, pasta, and beef will really hit the spot on the next cool night.

We’ve had a few chilly nights this past month, but fall hasn’t really hit San Diego yet. Our locale just doesn’t know the seasons. Summer goes from July to October; Fall lasts from November to February; and then Spring goes from March to June. If it follows that line of reasoning at all.

A girl can dream though. I’m ready for cooler temps. I’d like to start wearing jeans instead of shorts and sweaters instead of tanks.

Warm weather hasn’t stopped me from making soup, though. Where’s there’s a will, there’s a way. And I’ll force fall to come!

We enjoyed this Vegetable-Beef Minestrone a few weeks ago. It got even better the next day, so these leftovers will be worth fighting over. Serve it with crusty bread and butter. Yum1

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  1. Soups are a few of my favorite things! 😉 I am so glad you did a soup week for URS. YUM! My dad makes 2 soups every Sunday for the family to enjoy after church. Everyone loves his soups.

  2. My favorites are broccoli cheddar, loaded potato, and Panera’s fiesta soup. Now that I think of it…probably anything with cheese.


  3. Carla says

    This post is so well timed for me… It is snowing today! Since the cold weather arrived I have been craving soup, now I have lots to choose from!

  4. Oh yummy! I love soup and it’s definitely getting to be that soup time of the year. Can’t wait to check out these awesome recipes. I found your link party at Joyful Living. My first visit to your blog and it’s awesome!!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Thanks! Glad you found us!

  5. Emily says

    My husband doesn’t care to eat soup for dinner but I LOVE soup so I like to make a batch and freeze single serving portions for my lunches. Two of my favorites are taco soup and cream cheese potato soup.

    I have a bag of leftover roast in my freezer that will go perfectly in this! Would it still taste alright without the wine?

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Yes, you can make it without the wine. It adds a richer flavor, but if you use broth, you should be fine.

  6. Shanna says

    I made this tonight. I threw in some small beef tips and smoked turkey necks with the onion and carrots and deglazed the pan with white wine since it’s all I had. I used veggie broth as a substitute and the liquid from the beans since I used dry kidney beans. Turned out perfect. I’lol bring the leftovers to the tv station where I work on Super Tuesday. Thanks!

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