Mexican Lasagna

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Sounds like a mixed metaphor, doesn’t it? I mean, lasagna is Italian, not Mexican. However, I decided to use what I had instead of rushing out to the store for a few ingredients. That’s one of the principles behind frugal cooking: making do.

That means, my family were guinea pigs. And I lived to tell about it. In fact, my husband loved it. It was a little too spicy for some of the kids, and one of them couldn’t get over his lasagna associations. If I had called it “Salsa Casserole,” he might have been fine. But, it was good.

I took my favorite lasagna recipe and tweaked it. Instead of mozzarella and parmesan, I used pepper jack and cheddar. And since I already had several cups of meat sauce (made with turkey) I used that instead of adding ground beef to prepared tomato sauce. I threw in some salsa to give it some kick and to increase my amount of sauce.

I love this recipe for its flexibility and simplicity. Here’s my adaptation, in all its glory.

Here’s the price breakdown:
grating cheeses $1.50
salsa – free after coupon
meat sauce $1.50
chicken base $0.15
cream cheese $1
served with hawaiian rolls $1 and salad $1

Total cost $6.15 to feed seven people. (There were 1-2 servings of lasagna and some rolls left over.) For more budget meals, check out Erin’s $5 Dinner Challenge.

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  1. Hope says

    I’m going to bookmark this and give it a try. I am always turned off by the tortillas in mexican lasagna, but regular lasagna sounds great.

  2. Katie Davis says

    Hi I was just wondering how much water you mixed with the chicken broth?

    • Good question! That is a really old post, one of my firsts here, actually. It should just be 1 cup chicken broth. But at the time I used Better than Bouillion chicken base where you combine 1 teaspoon of the chicken base with one cup water. So sorry for the confusion! Gonna go edit that post!

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