Andrea Made Me Do It – Clean Eating Challenge

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Andrea Made Me Do It - Clean Eating Challenge

About a year a half I hosted a blogger dinner and got the chance to meet Andrea. Since then we’ve followed each other on social media and exchanged a few texts here and there. I’ve also had the opportunity to observe her veritable health and wellness transformation. It’s really been fascinating.

This time last year, Andrea started revamping her family’s diet, eschewing processed foods, adding in more natural products, researching like a fiend, and shaping a new lifestyle for her and her family. I have been encouraged, entertained, and educated by observing her whole process. She posts a lot of it on her instagram account, GwynethMadeMeDoIt, her Babble column, and her blog, For the Love Of.

Currently, Andrea is hosting a 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge. While I’m not doing it “whole hog”, I am excited to be in community with other folks who are trying to make positive changes in their lifestyles. We’ve even got a Pinboard to curate healthier recipes.

Since we’ve talked so much here about eating healthy, I figure you might be interested as well.

Have you got an healthy eating goal?

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  1. Ever since we finished our juice cleanse a few weeks ago, my husband and I have really made an effort to focus more on what we are eating (with a few cheats here and there, obviously). This week, we brought home about 50 pounds of produce from the grocery store… it’s almost gone and we’re feeling amazing. Good luck!

  2. Trish says:

    I have really made an effort over the last 10 years to eat a healthy diet. I don’t love vegetables, so my strategy is to make sure I am very hungry, at which point they are, if not delicious, at least appealing. I usually eat a small breakfast, and by lunchtime am really famished so I have a huge bowl of vegetables in winter (I use frozen) or fruit and garden veg in summer. I also try to mainly eat vegetarian – making veggie casseroles with cheese to make it all more appealing, or eating Boca burgers which I know are really processed, but I like them. My next goal is to add more legumes to my diet, which is why I was especially interested in the bean salad you pictured several posts ago.

    • I am trying to get my recipes organized for summer posting. I will try to remember the bean salad. 🙂

  3. My family and I were trying to eschew sugar for the health benefits and weight loss goals. We did it for 30 days and it wasn’t too difficult. Then after the 30 days, we attempted to keep our sugar consumption low, but it has slowly crept back into our lives on a regular basis. We seem to have “all or nothing” tendencies. I think it is time to go off of it again. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Christine says:

    What does she have against maple syrup? I’ve already cut everything else on her “bad” list – not my maple syrup!

  5. Carla says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m working on eating cleaner but I really need to go back to menu planning to get it under control. Perhaps this challenge would help.

  6. coleen says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading this blog for a while and have never commented. I really enjoy all the food, that being said I have a question…I need some help finding dinner meals that use less meat or non at all. My hubby is diabetic, so rice, bread, some pastas are out. I can’t eat tofu, chocolate or strawberries. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks any and all help.


    • Meatless without the carbs meats you need to go for hi proteins like quinoa and greek yogurt and lots of fresh produce. Do you guys like salads? Or roasted or grilled vegetables?

      • coleen says:

        Hi Jessica, we eat salads everyday and we like roasted/grilled veggies. I’m not sure about the quinoa, I’ll have to see the carb to fiber ratio. Hubby can’t eat alot of yogurt.

  7. coleen says:

    Hi Jessica, we do eat salads, everyday. I’ll have to check the quinoa carb to fiber ratio and hubby can’t eat alot of yogurt, but we do love roasted veggies.

    • If you don’t mind my asking, why no meat? Also, are you doing eggs and dairy?

      • coleen says:

        The reason I’m trying to cut down on red meat is because the prices are starting to be out of reach for us. We do eat eggs, dairy, beans and just about everything else except what my hubby can’t eat…

        • Okay. That makes sense. So, you could do chicken and fish or just more affordable meats? Where do you live?

          • coleen says:

            chicken, fish and affordable meats are good….we live in SE Pennsylvania

        • I think I would make sure you stock up on sale meats and freeze as much as you can store.

          • coleen says:

            Thanks, Jessica, I do try to do that as often as I can. Thank you for taking the time to help me out….

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