Easy Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Homemade chocolate buttercream frosting comes together easily and tastes so much better than the canned variety.

Easy Chocolate Buttercream Frosting | Good Cheap Eats

I was a little late to the cupcake craze. But that’s okay. Still tastes just as good.

My littlest one chose cupcakes for her birthday last week. The older kids were astounded: What do you mean? She’s not going to have a cake?! They are used to my themed birthday cakes.

Still tastes just as good.

My sister and the girls baked the cupcakes. I made the frosting. I’ve shared with you my Homemade Buttercream Frosting which is pretty awesome. The Girl wanted chocolate though. So, I did what any smart mama would do: I stuck to my old standby, but mixed in 1/2 cup of cocoa.

Oh my. Heaven on a spoon. That stuff was pretty darn good.

I’m so glad my girl requested chocolate!

Easy Chocolate Buttercream Frosting | Good Cheap Eats

This chocolate buttercream comes together very easily — and it’s so much tastier than what comes in a can! Plus, it’s real food.

It frosts about 18 cupcakes.

Want to make your cupcakes pretty?

I’m a self-taught cake decorator. I never took a class (obviously), but through trial and error have figured out how to make it work. My kids are thrilled with the themed birthday cakes I’ve made over the years.

Here are some tools and ingredients that I’ve found helpful:

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  1. Yum! Looks so good! I love making my own frosting. I have gotten to the point where I think the stuff out of the can tastes funny.

  2. This and your buttercream frosting are exactly what I grew up on. We always made our frosting and flavored it. I don’t even know if canned frosting existed when I was a kid as I never had it til I grew up.

    This is SO much better than canned.

  3. Yummy! They need some Lego Friends on top though. ;) (You can decorate cupcakes with “goodies” too. As a matter of fact, each year the birthday budget included a $10 decorating budget that could be a simple as a gift card or as elaborate as finding favorite characters and interests. Kids whose birthday it wasn’t were tasked with decorating)

    I miss my second child. She was my baking fiend. The third is kind of like my first(also all grown) and would just as soon not have to cook at all. My “baby”(he’s 14) loves cooking but he rushes so unlike my second more detail oriented kiddo I have to make sure I’ve got time to ensure he follows ALL the steps when we decide to bake.

  4. Palmolivejoy says:

    Would this frost a whole cake? Like a two layer cake from a 9 inch circular pan? Would I need to double up the recipe for that?

  5. Hi – this is the best chocolate buttercream frosting, and SO easy to make. Thanks! One thing I will do next time is SIFT the confectioners sugar before mixing, to avoid the lumps.

  6. Anglwngss says:

    This is now bookmarked. I halved the recipe and it covered 12 cupcakes with some frosting leftover. This is delicious and so SO easy to make!

  7. Thank u Jessica. ..Your tip n recipe has helped me alot

  8. I have an allergy to vanilla. Do I need that for the frosting?

  9. Crystabel says:

    How many cupcakes will these cover if I use the piping method?

  10. I really don’t want to make a frosting with melted chocolate, this is the closest recipe that I’ve found that my Mom made[back in the day…] Thanks!!!

  11. Colleen says:

    Does this frosting keep in the refrigerator overnight? Thanks for posting!

    • I have stored leftovers in the fridge, but it gets really hard. You’ll need to allow it to warm/soften before it will be spreadable again.

      • Colleen says:

        Thank you! I’m bringing it to school tomorrow so I wanted it to keep overnight. I’ll plan on leaving it out for a while before spreading it on the cupcakes.

  12. Michelle says:

    That awkward moment when you realize the recipe called for 3 to 4 cups of powered sugar, NOT 3/4 cup powered sugar. Derp.

  13. I was so close to saying this recipe was bad but… I forgot to add the powdered sugar. And it’s SOOOOO good!

  14. I’m fairly new at making home made frostings. I’m pleased to say that this came out tasting very good. Because my son likes orange, I added orange extract and a teaspoon of orange zest to the recipe for his birthday cake. I just have a question. The frosting color came out looking like milk chocolate. I would have preferred a darker color. For future reference, what would I need to do to make the frosting more of a dark chocolate color?


  15. Shay shay says:

    Hi I loved the recipie. What cakes would you suggest using this with and can you use it as a filling?

    THANKS SO MUCH!!!:) just really hyper(sugar rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  16. Can u use this to decorate roses? Will the shape hold? Trying to make a rose cake with not as much sugar.

  17. Can I use water instead of milk?

  18. Can I use chocolate frosting on a cookies?

  19. Can you use skim milk?

  20. I had to make frosting on the fly after I found the can I bought had been “taste tested” in the store. It was the best thing that could’ve happened though! The recipe is perfect. I sifted my sugar & cocoa too. I found I made the most delicious tasting stuff I’ve had since I was a kid. I’ll never use stkore bought ever gain THANKS!

  21. Delicious!!! Just the right combination of ingredients. I could have eaten the whole bowl of it by itself. What cake!? LOL! Definitely going in with favorite recipes.


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