Bacon and Broccoli Egg Bake

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Bacon and Broccoli Egg Bake | Good Cheap Eats


Breakfast is one of my family’s favorite meals of the day. Well, let’s face it. Every meal is their favorite. But, for some reason, I hear more about breakfast.

When’s breakfast?

What’s for breakfast for tomorrow?

What can I have for breakfast?

Bacon and Broccoli Egg Bake | Good Cheap Eats

Quite honestly, I don’t really want to do a lot of cooking in the morning. I love being able to lay out a breakfast bar and let folks serve themselves.

This egg dish, composed of broccoli, bacon, leeks, cheese, and eggs is very make-ahead, allowing me to be hands-free in the morning. I can prepare this the night before and slide it into the oven in the morning. Twenty minutes later it’s ready to serve.

Bacon and Broccoli Egg Bake | Good Cheap Eats

This dish, similar to an oven frittata, serves four. Make two if you’re serving a crowd. It’s an ideal breakfast or brunch dish to serve over the holidays.

Make-ahead meals can make your month! Grab this month’s meal plans to take it easy and enjoy great home-cooked meals.

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  1. Thanks for sharing an egg bake recipe without bread! I didn’t grow up with bread, but once we moved further north, it was evident that everyone else did, and I didn’t care for it:) Any suggestions how to revamp recipes that call for bread?

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