The Red Banana Smoothie

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FishPapa and I met and married in Santa Barbara, where he grew up and I went to college. We lived there for the first four years of our marriage and then moved on. But, one wonderful treat that we enjoyed then and still do on our visits back is a trip to Blenders. Short for Blenders in the Grass, Blenders is a smoothie and wheat grass bar. And these smoothies are a meal in itself.

Since it’s been years since we could enjoy our daily occasional Blenders, we’ve experimented making our own. My favorite is the Red Banana. It’s milk based with strawberries (for the Red) and Banana for the, you know, Banana. They add ice milk, but since that is not easily available, I use ice (when the fruit isn’t already frozen). Thawing the fruit for 20-40 seconds in the microwave helps me avoid those little icy fruit lumps in the middle of the drink. I hate those.

Stay tuned for FishPapa’s favorite: The Red Orange.

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  1. yum-yum-yumo!!! We've been on a BIG yogurt, fruit, smoothie, frozen pop kick here! Love this…the old standards are just the best sometimes! I've been using Vanilla Almond Milk lately… I had super great deals for it .99 for 1/2 gallon… I got 2…of course! And that thicker, vanilla taste just adds some OOMPH!

  2. Reading this almost 4 years later, and wondering about the Red Orange recipe? Is it in one of your books?

  3. I lived in Santa Barbara for a few months with my friends and OMG I miss Blenders so much! Literally used it for meals for the first 3 weeks before I found a job and then any day I was hungover it was the absolute BEST cure!
    Tropical Mango was my go-to

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