Burritos for Bulk Cooking

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Burritos are one of our favorite items to have for snacks, lunches, and dinners. They are also great for freezing.

Here’s a video that I made two years ago explaining how I fold the burritos so that they stay a nice neat package. Don’t laugh — it’s an old vlog.

I typically make 3-4 dozen at a time. It works best if all your ingredients are room temperature, especially the tortillas. You can avoid cracking and tearing that way. Chill the burritos in the refrigerator before freezing them.

I usually just put the rolled burritos in a large freezer bag, but plenty of folks wrap them in waxed paper, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil. Wrapping the burrito is handy if you’re going to pack them into lunches or are concerned that they might stick together in one bag. I have only had this happen once ever.

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  1. lisa says

    The tortillas in the video seem very thin- they almost look like the uncooked kind. What brand do you use from Costco (I know not all Costco’s carry the same brands, but just wondering)?

    • Jessica says

      @lisa, these are a local San Diego brand, called Porkyland. They’re cooked, just thin and easily pliable.

  2. lisa says

    shoot, I would love to find tortillas that thin!! Love San Diego!!

  3. Silly question but is your recommendation on reheating / cooking

    • Jessica says

      Not silly, especially if you don’t buy frozen burritos. I usually reheat in the microwave for a minute or two until hot. The kids like them crisped on the griddle, so I do that with thawed ones.

  4. Tracy says

    Money saving mom, posted a video of her freezing mushrooms. I have since adopted her method of buying as many packages of mushrooms and peppers that I think I can use in recipes in a reasonable time when I see them on sale for a great price and freeze them. I chop them, lay them out on a cookie sheet and flash freeze them then transfer them to a ziplock bag ready for chili, spagetti sauces, chicken pot pie, and other great recipes. This saves me money and time.


  5. Emilia says

    Your video on how to roll a burrito is fantastic. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. God bless you and your family.

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