How to Cut a Pineapple

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Summertime just calls for you to enjoy fresh fruit. With the exception of apples, pears, and citrus, summer is the peak season for many, if not most, fruits. And fresh is so much better than canned – particularly if you know how to prepare it.

One of our favorite fresh fruits is pineapple. Lately, I’ve been buying pineapples for $0.88 EACH. Yes, ’tis true. So, I’ve bought the limit each time there’s been a sale and we’ve enjoyed fresh pineapple spears or fruit salads with pineapple for a few weeks now.

How to Cut a Pineapple:

This method is very similar to how we cut the melon and the grapefruit sections.

1. As with the melon, rinse the outside of the pineapple with water and vinegar. Even though you aren’t going to eat the peel, you are going to cut through it, thereby possibly exposing the inner flesh to bacteria and other germs.

2. Cut off the two ends and stand the pineapple on one end.

3. With a chef’s knife, cut away the rind, curving your cuts between the rind and flesh, thusly. Proceed around the sides of the pineapple until all the rind is removed.

4. Now cut through the pineapple, just to the side of the hard, inner core. Cut all the way down.

5. Continue cutting around the core until you have several long wedges of pineapple. Cut the wedges into spears or chunks.

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Which do YOU buy – fresh or canned pineapple? Why?

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  1. Maria and Michelle says:

    Thanks! I have a fresh pineapple on the fridge that I got a great deal on at Costco. Figured I'd give it a try and now I'm confident I can do it. Perfect timing!

    ~ Michelle @ FTSN

  2. Anonymous says:

    We love to buy fresh pineapple. We live in Moorhead MN so we don't have the best produce but when pineapple is good and on sale its about 1.98 The family flocks to the kitchen asking when its going to be sliced. During the winter we do buy chunks.
    Thank you! Stephanie

  3. Paul & Carla says:

    I buy both. Reeeeeeally good fresh is unbeatable. I love it all alone and I love it made into simple pineapple desserts. I also use canned year round in multiple applications from salads to muffins to cakes. It's extremely versatile.

  4. Anonymous says:

    WOW! What a great deal on pineapple. Up here in Michigan I saw it "on sale" for $4.99 last week.

  5. Tricia @ This Happy Home says:

    Great price!!

    We buy fresh because we live in Hawaii and it seems rather scandalous to buy canned when you can get fresh out of the field from roadside stands. LOL

    For anyone interested, Dole Plantation shows another way to cut pineapple on their website: The pineapple boat they show is a very cute way to serve fresh fruit salad.

  6. Tricia @ This Happy Home says:

    Oh, and I also read an idea on someone's blog (I wish I could remember where!) to put pineapple core into water. Let it sit for a few hours to a day. It tastes SO good!!

  7. 3LittleMonkeys says:

    I love fresh pineapple. I buy one every week! I cut it the exact same way you do…good to know I'm doing it right! Just one thing….I wish it would last longer in the fridge once it's cut! I find I have to eat it fast before it starts to get sour…

  8. Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet says:

    Fresh pineapple is awesome! 😀 I buy both canned and fresh, but fresh tastes sooooo much better!

  9. Chef Dennis says:

    Great advice on cleaning your pineapple as well as melons….too many people have no idea about all the bacteria you can have on the outside of the fruit! my wifes favorite way to use pineapple is to grill it!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I've never heard of it that cheap, $1.99 was insanely cheap for us this year! But, I pretty much only eat it when I can get it fresh because I learned the canning process kills many of the helpful enzymes, so why buy canned, ya know? -Amanda Y.

  11. Sam's Minions (aka parents- Angie and Brian) says:

    Fresh pineapple just tastes better. Period.

  12. I love pineapple! I never bought it because I didn’t know how to slice it until my 14 year daughter told me to google it! Glad I did!

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