Cutting Grapefruit Sections

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Grapefruit can be one of the most economical choices in fruit, but many people don’t really know what to do with them. When we first started budget-eating, I would cut a grapefruit into quarters for FishPapa’s lunch. It wasn’t the tastiest of options, I confess. But, we were new home-owners and just had to suck it up, literally.

Then, I read in a magazine how to cut grapefruit sections. I tried it out and packed a little tupperware of grapefruit sections in his lunch the next day. He came home, calling it a lunch “fit for a king.”

Taking that little extra effort made the humble grapefruit just a little sweeter.

Cutting Grapefruit Sections:

1. As with the melon, rinse the outside of the grapefruit with water and vinegar. Even though you aren’t going to eat the peel, you are going to cut through it, thereby possibly exposing the inner flesh to bacteria and other germs.

2. Cut off the two ends and stand the grapefruit on one end.

3. With a chef’s knife, cut away the rind, curving your cuts between the rind and flesh, thusly. Proceed around the sides of the grapefruit until all the rind is removed.

4. Once all the rind is removed, slice into the fruit, along the edge of one membrane. Cut along the other side of that section to remove the section.

5. After cutting down one side, you can insert your knife under the inner edge and cut from the inside out. This will allow you to keep more of the fruit’s flesh. Proceed until you have sectioned the entire grapefruit.

Do you DO grapefruit?

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  1. Yes, oh YES! I love grapefruit! Actually, I was eating one just as I came to your site this morning and saw the link to this post! I had peeled it like an orange and was trying to get the sections apart, and it wasn’t working so awesome. A little late to try your method, but I may next time! This is how my mom did it, and how I usually do it: cut the grapefruit in half at the “equator.” Then take your knife and slice next to all the membranes and around the perimeter of the grapefruit. Then you can take a spoon and [pretty] easily slide out each piece and eat it, one at a time. After you’re done, turn your grapefruit half upside down and squeeze into your bowl–out comes a few spoonfuls of fresh-squeezed juice!

    • @Diana, That’s how I do mine too, except I now use a grapefruit knife from Pampered Chef…a little easier!

      • @Emily, Didn’t know there was such a thing! We had grapefruit spoons growing up–serrated spoons that were triangular shaped so they fit easily into the sections. I’ll keep an eye out for that knife though 🙂

  2. My dad would peel and section like an orange, the peel the membrane from each section. I do it the same way and it takes longer but is great when I am hungry because it takes a while to eat it this way.

  3. Before my husband and I were married – he stole my heart by preparing me a grapefruit without membrane (I had just had surgery to remove wisdom teeth) – I thought it was thee most delicious fruit I had ever eaten. It still is 😉 — and we work hard to remove the membrane; I am SO pining this post. I grew up with a dad who ate gf almost every breakfast and used the special spoon, and he would inadvertently squirt one of us (6) kids in the eye. 🙂

  4. Katie in AZ says:

    We have a HUGE grapefruit tree and I’m the only one who likes grapefruit. I’m going to try your grapefruit sections this very morning.

  5. This is the article that has brought me to your site.
    Thanks for posting the grapefruit help. I have been eating grapefruit cut in half and with a spoon for months. I’m thrilled to have a new (prettier) way to present grapefruit to son, husband and friends. (NO WAY would I take a grapefruit, cut in half with spoons to a party… Now, fresh sections, maybe)

  6. I am DROOLING! I love grapefruit! I have never known this way of preparing it, but I will be giving it a whirl.

    By the way, I only eat my grapefruit sprinkled with plenty of salt. My kids think I’m crazy and prefer sugar.

  7. I cut the peel off in a spiral like an apple. It’s easier for me. I section the inside the same. It’s not my favorite fruit, but since I work at a school set in 12 acres of grapefruit trees I eat a lot of it!

  8. Grapefruit “supremes”, prepared as you describe can be frozen successfully if they are submerged in their juice. Thaw in the frig,…delicious. Try’ll be surprised how simple it is to preserve fresh grapefruit!


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