Why I Love My Small Kitchen Appliances

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Tonight’s our 19th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? We’re celebrating tomorrow since tonight is hockey practice. But, my husband had planned ahead and bought something for our whole family to enjoy: an electric fondue pot¬†(Head’s up! That’s my affiliate link.)

Other women might roll their eyes, but you know me! I am a sucker for small kitchen appliances.

A fondue pot brings back memories of our visits to France together and when we were newlyweds, making fondue at home. We haven’t ¬†made cheese fondue with the kids before, so I’m looking forward to giving this baby a run for its money.

In the meantime, if you missed any of my reviews of small kitchen appliances, well, here they are:

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  1. Amy says

    Our Fondue pot is very special to our family. We break this out on special occasions. What I do is cut up small pieces of raw steak, then cut and bread mushrooms and chicken. Then I fill out fondue pot with oil and we all sit down at the table and “fry” our own dinner. I will make a few others side items to eat while we are waiting for out food to cook. It is great because everyone makes their own food and how ever much they want. We are usually at the table for about an hour so this makes some great conversation!

  2. Kelly says

    Happy Anniversary, Jessica! God’s blessings on your marriage and your family;)

  3. I too love small kitchen appliances, so much in fact that they spill over from the kitchen cabinets to an adjoining bathroom storage area. Nothing like grabbing a towel and seeing my mini crockpot on display. Sigh…my home may never make Better Homes and Gardens but besides the ice cream maker I do really use all those appliances and my family loves what I make with them.

  4. Sally says

    I have an electric fondue pot that I use all the time but never for fondue. I make a lot of Japanese food and love to occasionally deep-fry. The fondue pot is perfect for it. I can have homemade katsu, breaded shrimp or won ton any time I like. Today’s lunch is mochiko chicken in the fryer. Delicious! The $30 cost has more than been recovered in money we haven’t spent in restaurants. And because the meat is fried, it’s heavier, thus we eat smaller portions.

  5. Thanks for sharing this post. My husband and I were just talking the other day about whether or not to get a griddle, and a bread machine has been a long standing discussion. This is very helpful info for us!

  6. Laura C says

    I have that one. It works great. Need to use it more often!

  7. Happy Anniversary! We bought an electric fondue pot for Christmas – it is much easier! I did a post last year with my favorite chocolate fondue recipe – so yummy! http://behealthybehappywellness.com/2012/12/chocolate-fondue-simple-and-fun/

  8. Sandi says

    Bon anniversaire de mariage! I have a fondue pot, although I don’t use it very often. I like it when I use it, it just can be a pain to cut up everything to cook. Then again, I tend to go overboard and try to duplicate the fondue restaurant place with all the food options. If I just made it simple, I’m sure it would be a lot easier to prep and still be just as fun.

  9. We had our (non-electric) fondue out on Monday for a cheese fondue, a family fave despite its ’70’s kitsch factor! We have had meat and seafood ones too, on occasions when money has been less tight, and they are all great fun. My daughter bought a mini one to make chocolate fondue but has only used it once as her friends all ended up feeling rather sick!!
    Our small appliances may only come out once in a while but we love them none the less, lol!

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