Try Strawberry Salsa for a Fun Summer Twist

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Strawberry Salsa is a fun way to incorporate this summer fruit into your savory dishes. It’s got the same sweet-tart flavor and vivid red hue as traditional tomato, but gives your dishes a fun twist. Dip into it with chips or serve it atop grilled meats.

Strawberry Salsa | Good Cheap Eats

Last week we went strawberry picking. It wasn’t a cheap endeavor, but it was fun. At it yielded us buckets and buckets of fresh, locally-grown strawberries. I’ve been enjoying experimenting with them in some fun, new recipes.

One recipe that I’d been dreaming about for weeks was strawberry salsa. You already know about fresh Tomato Pico de Gallo and our favorite Peach Salsa. If you have either of the Good Cheap Eats Cookbooks, you know about my corn salsa and my pineapple salsa.

Strawberries seemed like the next logical step in my salsa exploration. Am I right?

Strawberry Salsa | Good Cheap Eats

Yes! Turns out I was right! Strawberries, with that same sweet-tart flavor and vivid red hue of traditional tomato, give salsa a fun little twist! It’s delicious for dipping but also great to top grilled meats, like chicken or steak.

Plate with Chicken and Strawberry Salsa

Keep in mind that strawberries do not last long. Their shelf life is like zilch, so, don’t wash the berries until right before you use them. And then, mix up only enough salsa for the meal at hand. It’s going to be pretty soggy if it sits around for too long.

But, it’s delicious while it lasts!

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Strawberry Salsa | Good Cheap Eats

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  1. Jessica says

    I love taking fresh berries and any other fresh fruit.. dice it all up really tiny and serve this *salsa* with a bowl of cinnamon tortilla chips! YUM! I agree on the cost/benefits of berry picking! Its work, some fun and definitely NOT the most rock bottom way to get it.. but fresh, local and tasty even it out!

    • The store berries we’ve bought since going berry picking have been SO disappointing. They’re almost not worth buying!

  2. Sandi says

    I’d be the only one eating this, so I might try it in a much smaller quantity, but it totally sounds interesting. Curious, though, how it might mix with avocado. I often take leftover salsa and mix it into an avocado for a quick bit of lazy guacamole. I’m thinking it should still blend together nicely…

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