Nanna’s Fantasy Fudge

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Nanna’s Fantasy Fudge is foolproof. You don’t need any special equipment. It’s creamy, chocolatey, delicious homemade candy.

Nanna's Fantasy Fudge | Good Cheap Eats - Nanna's Fantasy Fudge is foolproof. You don't need any special equipment. It's creamy, chocolatey, delicious homemade candy.

The first time I tried making fudge, I was in 2nd grade. I had a crush on a boy named Brian in my class. I read in a book, probably one of the Ginny books, about giving food to boys you liked. And chocolate fudge sounded like a good idea.

I’m a little surprised that my mom and aunties indulged me, but they did. I remember being so excited that they said they’d help me make fudge, that I ran into the kitchen wall because I wasn’t looking where I was going.

We followed a fudge recipe in my mom’s big yellow cookbook. I’m not sure what happened, but the fudge did not turn out. No, no drop it in a cup of cold water and stay in a ball shape, or whatever the dumb recipe said. My mom wasn’t about to waste all that chocolate and sugar so she mixed up impromptu brownies on the spot. They were good, too!

I was so happy to take Brian the brownies we made. He barely looked at them when he grabbed the bag and ran away in the lunch area. Humph.

I ended up eventually marrying Bryan. Bryan with a Y. A different Bryan. One who appreciates my cooking. Ha!

And I eventually found a fudge recipe that worked no matter what. Actually my mom did. She saved the day. Again.

Nanna's Fantasy Fudge | Good Cheap Eats

This “fantasy fudge” recipe used to be on the label of Marshmallow Creme. I’m not sure if it still is, but my mom typed it up for us all to make sure we had it.

Now that she eats paleo, I’m not sure if Mom makes this anymore, but in my teen and adult years she made it often, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentines. It was our foolproof homemade candy recipe that did not require dropping it in a ball of cold water and waiting for magic to happen.

This recipe works. It tastes great. You can stir in all kinds of different mix-ins. Change up the flavorings or the nuts or add toffee bits or whatever. You will be a winner at fudge making! You may just get so excited, you run into the kitchen wall, too.

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  1. Kathy in Illinois says

    Funny story about Brian!! I’m glad you married Bryan!!! How else could have had such cute kids????
    God bless, Kathy

  2. Lisa says

    This is the fudge my mom made! Thanks for posting the recipe! It is delicious and easy to make.

  3. Dorothy K says

    My Dad married Shirley (stepmother #2, and yes, I’ve had more which is why they are numbered) and she made this fudge often! She recently passed away, so I’ll have to make some of this fudge in memory of her and give a batch to my Dad.

  4. Sally says

    This is the fudge I make, too. I recently read that instead of the jar of marshmallow cream you can use a 10-ounce bag of marshmallows. I may try that.

  5. Kirstin says

    No salt? Our family’s recipe–I don’t know where it came from–had the same ingredients as above, plus salt. And it called for mini marshmallows instead of marshmallow crème.

  6. Sandi says

    We aren’t big fudge eaters (we prefer fudgy brownies) but I have made it a few times. Using the marshmallow creme was one way, and I’m thinking sweetened condensed milk was another way. I’ve never heard of dropping it into cold water. That sounds like an excellent way to make a mess!

    • It’s an old school candy-making method, maybe for when you don’t have a thermometer? The cookbook we used was from 1971. 😉

  7. Ruth says

    I’ve been making this fudge recipe for 30 years. I had issues with it being grainy sometimes. I use my candy thermometer and heat it to the soft ball stage (hence dropping some in water to see if a ball forms). Turns out perfectly creamy every time.

  8. Katy says

    I make a similar recipe every year and people love it! Now for gift giving so I don’t have to cut and package, I scoop the fudge into lined muffin tins (found santa liners on sale last year so its festive) and then cool. They pop in to a plastic bag and its way quicker. I make these for all my kids teachers and they love them!

  9. Caryn says

    This recipe has been in my family for years as well. It is so easy and yet people are impressed with it. I love recipes
    that make me look like a talented cook when I’m really not. I’m just good at finding things that are both easy and good:)

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