Autumn Pick-Me-Up, A Perfect Juice for Fall

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An Autumn Pick-Me-Up

Summer weather is still here. Let me tell you. But, the growing season is early this year. So, even though we’re still sweating, the fall produce is here. Last week’s produce box was like a promise that cooler temps will come. Someday.

The bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables that we had made for a perfect juice combination. For some reason I don’t like juicing summer fruits as much as I do the fruits that are available in fall and winter. I’m glad to be getting the juicer going again.

Homemade juice is so filling compared to the store-bought varieties. Though it took a little getting used to, the kids really dig it now.

ingredients for juicing

I didn’t do a whole lot to prep the fruits and vegetables for juicing. Scrub the produce, line the pulp basket with a plastic bag, and then we juiced. My girls love to help.

fall juice

I also love the way the juice looks before it’s whisked. This one looked like rainbow sherbet: green from the kale, purple from the grapes; orange from the carrots, yellow from the  pear.

It was very tasty, too. None of the flavors were too dominant. I was worried that the kale might be overpowering, but it wasn’t at all. It was present for sure, but it shared the stage with the other players.

Autumn Pick Me Up

Depending on your juicer, you may or may not get foam on the top. We don’t mind it at all, but you could certainly skim it off or wait for it to settle down. Just be sure to rinse the glass right away. That stuff sticks.

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  1. I love juices like this! I just pulled my juicer out of the closet…it’s been a while since it’s seen the light of day…I’m looking forward to making this! And you are SO right…you’ve got to rinse the glass out once you’re done…or you’ll be scrubbing!

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